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  1. Groove

    Shopping for new PSU

    Recently upgraded my system and for some reason I am now getting some annoying coil whine coming from my PSU. Played around with the C-States to see if that would make it go away and it doesn't. My PSU is an old Corsair HX1000 that I have been using since 2009. I am now looking into getting a...
  2. Groove

    Black Friday 2017 - What are you hoping for?

    As per title, what deals are you hoping for this year? Last year was pretty crappy, same for Cyber Monday which wasn't all that great if I remember correctly. I think this year with the timing behind the release cycle of some products we *may* be in a good position to see some good deals...
  3. Groove

    EVGA Z370 Boards

    EVGA decided to go a different direction with their boards compared to what everyone else is going... https://www.evga.com/articles/01151/evga-z370-series-motherboards/ Looks like they said screw all the LED non-sense and preposterous fisher-price looking plastic shrouds... props to them!
  4. Groove

    16GB not enough anymore?

    So I've always had page file disabled and never had any problems with my 16GB of DDR4 (running at 3000Mhz). That just changed with Deus Ex - Mankind Divided it seems. Before playing Mankind Divided, I played Rise of the Tomb Raider (in DX12) and total system RAM usage was spiking at around...
  5. Groove

    Quick history lesson on AMD and it's CPUs

    I enjoyed this article from pc perspective, thought I'd share it with you guys. https://www.pcper.com/reviews/Editorial/Zen-and-Art-CPU-Design Definitely bring back memories of my 1Ghz Thunderbird, Athlon days and my FX-62.
  6. Groove

    Sound Blaster Z vs Asus Strix Soar

    So after about a year of using the Supreme FX (rebranded Realtek ACL1150) on my Maximus VIII Hero and being fairly satisfied with it, I am now running into all kind of audio issues in games. It has been working fine until I formatted my PC last week so I am guessing there is something wrong with...
  7. Groove

    Portable RAID1 USB3.0 dual HDD enclosure

    http://www.ncix.com/detail/vantec-nst-400mx-s3r-dual-3-5in-sata-63-85695.htm Anyone has experience with one of those? Would love to see a USB3.1 option but I can't find any that are for two drives with the RAID1 option. Been looking at NAS options but they are mostly overkill for my needs and...
  8. Groove

    7700k rumor

    OC3D :: Article :: Intel Kaby Lake 7700K rumored Specifications :: Intel Kaby Lake 7700K rumored Specifications :doh:
  9. Groove

    BenQ GW2765HT 2560x1440 IPS

    What do you think a fair price would be for a BenQ GW2765HT 2560x1440 IPS monitor? Bought it from NCIX end of august so it has about 7 months of use. Panel is pristine, no issues, have box and everything that came with it.
  10. Groove

    Upcoming M.2 NVMe drives?

    Does anyone know if anything else is about to hit the market at the consumer level? Feels like Samsung is riding the wave all alone at the moment and I'd be curious to know if more competition is upcoming in that segment?
  11. Groove

    Corsair H60

    Like new, used for about 6 months.
  12. Groove

    i5 750, EVGA P55 FTW and other stuff

    Anyone has an idea how much those would go for? Thanks! Intel i5 750 EVGA P55 FTW Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600mhz (2x2gb) Radeon HD5850 Black Edition Asus Xonar DGX
  13. Groove

    Display Port cable question

    I recently reorganized my desk at home and now need a longer display port cable since the one provided with my screen is too short for my new setup. I was going through Newegg to order a longer one but I am now hesitating after reading some user reviews. I'm trying to understand the 19 pin vs...
  14. Groove

    Corsair 400C quality issue

    Well my love affair with my new Corsair 400C didn't last long... Love the case overall but the frickin retention clips for the front panel just broke off when I pulled the front panel to install new fans... Like seriously? I did exactly what was written in the manual to get the front panel...
  15. Groove

    Want to Sell nothing at the moment!

    Hi, I am selling the following: Nothing at the moment! Item(s) are in perfect working condition. EMT payment only or cash in-person (items available for pickup downtown Ottawa during week days). Cheers, -Groove
  16. Groove

    2700K combo

    Hey guys, I need a quick price check on this combo, already have a buyer, just not sure what the "fair" price would be. i7 2700K Asus P8P67-LE Mushkin DDR3-1600 (2x4gb) Does 300$ makes sense? Thanks for your help!
  17. Groove

    Monitors and LGA775 combo price check

    Just wondering what you guys would ask. Thanks! Asus VW266H 25.5" 1920x1200 vga/dvi/hdmi inputs integrated speakers no dead/stuck pixel Samsung 226BW 22" 1680x1050 vga/dvi inputs one stuck red pixel middle left side of panel LGA775 Combo Q9550 eVGA 780i sli mobo 2x2 gb OCZ DDR2-800
  18. Groove

    Whine from psu when pc idling

    I have a Corsair HX1000 PSU that I've been using for a while now (bought it back in 2010) and it started making a frickin annoying whine when my pc is at idle. The whine goes away as soon as my pc is under load though. For example, when gaming, it's not making any noise at all, but as soon as I...
  19. Groove

    EVGA GTX260 and 8800GT

    Hi all, Quick price check on these two items; -EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 (was thinking around 60$) -EVGA 8800GT 512Mb (maybe 30-35$?) Thanks guys! :thumb:
  20. Groove

    Moved my rig into a CM Storm Sniper Black Edition

    Hey all, thought I'd share some pics of my new case. I've been shopping for a new one for a little while now and finally decided to go with the Cooler Master Storm Sniper Black Edition (thanks to the video review here on HWC). Build/paint quality on that case are awesome! Here are some shots of...

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