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  1. Coach

    1070 given odd issues, please help

    Random crashing when NOT gaming. Causing a sluggish computer or just the screen going black unexpectedly. These are some of this things that I think my MSI 1070 Armor OC is causing. It is repeatable on the three different computers I have put this 1070 in for testing. I need help! What would you...
  2. Coach

    Flashing Bios on R9 380 Gaming 4G (need help)

    Cannot seem to flash the card.... Guy contacts me and tells me he has an MSI R9 380 that gives him error code 43 in device manager. He bought the card used and is trying to get it to work. yada yada yada would I be able to try to flash the bios of the card for him. I say sure but make no...
  3. Coach

    budget 1440P 27" monitor for gaming?? please help

    Would someone here know a good but "cheap" 1440P 27" monitor. It will be used for gaming but I do not think that high refresh rate is required. thank you
  4. Coach

    Want to Sell EVGA 1070 8GB SOLD to Anabioz

    Excellent Condition 8GB VRAM Cool & Quiet Cooler Single 8 Pin power White LED lighting Terms: EMT as is SOLD to Anaboiz...
  5. Coach

    Recommend Router for my home AP

    I am no expert on networking including what makes a great wifi AP. May I ask what you all would recommend for my home router/AP? I want a strong signal and the capacity for many wifi connections. I have a number of HD cams that connect via wifi, two printers, two cell phones etc. In the past I...
  6. Coach

    R5 3600 owner please raise your hands. I have a question for you!

    I have two. Of you R5 3600 owners how many of you can exceed 4.2Ghz with your cpu? Neither of mine can do this.
  7. Coach

    B450 + ram questions

    Recently I built a PC around an MSI B450 Tomahawk and an R5 3600. I noticed that the memory slots 0&2 did not like running dual channel IF I tried anything faster than 2400mhz. If I use memory slots 1&3, it is ok and I can clock to 3200mhz. Is this normal?
  8. Coach

    AMD combo

    FX8320 (with HSF) Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 12GB DDR3 May I ask for some help? What is this worth? Thank you!
  9. Coach

    Want to Buy B350/B450 mobo

    Hello, my brother in law would like my help putting together a puter for his kids to play Fornite. I need a B350/B450 mobo to complete the system. Let me know if you have something. Thank you!!
  10. Coach

    AMD 2600 vs 9400f?

    I am not feeling good, something that thankfully will pass. To help pass that time I am thinking about AMD vs Intel. Say if you wanted a cheap-ish platform as a general system. Some gaming, some editing etc etc. The options I come up with are the Intel 9400F ($235.99) vs AMD 2600 ($239.99). Both...
  11. Coach

    What are 1070's worth these days?

    Hello, just wondering what a 1070 may be worth these days on the used market? Thanks
  12. Coach


    Hello. What would a 6700k be worth? Thank you
  13. Coach

    Want to Sell 6700k $335 OBO 2200G SOLD

    I am looking to sell my 6700k. I am its original owner and I bought it from NCIX. I used the Rockit Cool delidding tool and remove the IHS from this 6700k. I then applied CoolLaboratory Liquid Ultra Thermal Compound liquid metal on the cpu die between it and the IHS. Then the IHS was glued back...
  14. Coach

    780ti Classified and R9 270x

    Hello, Anyone bored enough to take the time to give their opinion on the value of these cards? If yes, thanks! My guess is ~$200 and <$100ish.
  15. Coach

    Intel 660p NVMe SSDs... where are they?

    Anyone else here waaaaaiting for these? Anyone know why they are taking so long to come to market? Thanks
  16. Coach


    I have two that my boys use for ATS. One 1070ti is a black edition https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487387&cm_re=1070ti_black-_-14-487-387-_-Product and the other is a FTW2...
  17. Coach

    Want to Buy Intel cpu: 8100 OR 8350k *FOUND*

    Looking for an Intel cpu: 8100 OR 8350k. PM me if you have and would like to make a deal. Thanks!
  18. Coach

    Want to Buy 1050ti or 1060 or rx560

    Looking for some used 1050ti or 1060 or rx560 cards. Terms: shipped to R6M1V9 EMT Working as new Seller has excellent feedback PM me if you have something
  19. Coach

    Where is the flood of mining cards?

    I was hoping to pick up a few... where are they? People still mining? I am looking for cheap 1050 OR 1050ti, 1060's, 1070's. I thought they would have given up and sold out by now.
  20. Coach

    Need help with brand new 8400 and b360m-a mobo

    It will not boot off of a ssd or a usb drive. The bios sees the ssd and yet there is no way to boot off of ANY device. Any ideas? EDIT: Derp, used a different usb port and voila, working

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