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  1. reaverclan

    Should I drain immediately?

    Hi haven't been around for awhile, anyways I'm back for a quick question. I have gotten into water cooling with a xspc ray storm, rx360, and d5 res combo kit. my question is this, I did not hear about flushing the rad till i already started the leak testing phase. my loop is currently doing just...
  2. reaverclan

    Any One Have The RC Bug?

    Anyone else have the RC bug these are mine pretty much stock for now. I have more on my photobucket.:biggrin: they are a Traxxas Rustler and Stampede XL-5. the lighting was horrible in theses pics both took in night in almost darkness lol. EDIT: videos-Rustler and Stampede YouTube - stampede bashing
  3. reaverclan

    when scrolling HX620w makes noise

    omg help me is it gonna blow lol, i can literally scroll and look at certain things in game and go back and fore and play music with it:shok:, is my 280 stressing it? could this be why in games i look at certain textures off in the distance and only portions of the texture flash like mad(farcry...
  4. reaverclan

    will a hx620w run a gtx 280 with my system

    well yeah, will a GTX 280 run ok on my rig's psu and will any of my parts totally bottle neck the thing, and im on vista x64 if that helps, i know i have the cooling and room for it anyway. and im going to NOT sli, gaming at 1440x900 so is an ati better or no i dont want to change any of my...
  5. reaverclan

    Ikari laser Mouse by Steelseries

    Well this mouse can be had for $64.00 USD, but is it worth it? When I started looking for a new mouse I had to find one that fit my hand( very small) I didn’t like any of the Razers because of how they were all flat feeling, I like support, and I didn’t want all the gizmos, and gadgets on the...
  6. reaverclan

    is it worth water cooling an e6420?

    and if it is worth it, what would u suggest for an antec 1200 i want it all internal if possible? P.S> im in the states so any parts u can show me at your fav site but i need to know the model number to get it in the states lol. i found a MCR220-QP Extreme Duty Dual 120mm Radiator for $48. and...
  7. reaverclan

    got a free iPod touch and it owns the zune LOL

    Im typing this on it as we speak it totaly rules for Internet on the go. I would never pay retail for one though, then again no one ever does. Oh and b4 u ask it's jailbroken 1.1.3 I did it with ziphone(best method I think).:bananafunky:
  8. reaverclan

    help!!!!!!!! which mobo for sli but only one card atm?

    hi, which of these is best for sli but for in future. im not going to sli now. and 8800 gt xfx is going in it. plus whats in my sig thanks for your time. Newegg.com - MSI P6N SLI Platinum LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail Newegg.com - ASUS P5N-E SLI LGA 775...
  9. reaverclan

    dont buy 8800gt with asrcoki jsut screwed my self but in goodway.

    sup, DONT BUY AN 8800GT IF U GOT A ASROCK UNLESS U WANT TO FLASH THE CARD BIOS TO GEN 1. I'M TO SCARED TO DO IT SO I'M GETTING NEW MOBO ANY SUGGESTIONS? I HAVE LIKE 100 DOLLAR RANGE. didnt know here to post this sorry? and this atleast forces me to get a new mobo:) and i bought the xfx8800gt...
  10. reaverclan

    Merc Stealth. Is it worth the 80 bucks?

    Manufacturer: Ideazon Product Number: Merc Stealth Product Page: Ideazon™ Precision Gaming Tools [Merc Stealth Illuminated Gaming Keyboard] Price: $79.99 @ Bestbuy Availability: Now Table of Contents Into Features Packaging Design Back Lighting Software Conclusion Intro I...

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