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    Crossfire Usage Help!

    So I have a few questions/issues with crossfire and I was hoping someone could clear them up for me. First off, I was wondering if my i5-4670k at 4.4ghz will bottleneck two 280x's? As of right now I have a 280x and a 7970(standard version) crossfired, but I plan on replacing the 7970 in the...
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    Suddenly Getting BSOD

    It seems that since I've added another HDD to my computer I'm suddenly getting BSODs randomly. They happen sometimes when exiting BF4(could be an issue with the game, haven't been on much else) and there's about a 50% it'll happen when I try to shut down my computer, but it never happens on the...
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    HD7970 Advice

    So I was thinking of picking this up. It seems like a really good deal. I was previously thinking of the 760, but they're the same price, and it seems like this should be around the 770(at least when overclocked.) Does anyone have any input on this? Just like to be sure of things before...
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    Advice on the GTX 760

    Hey there, first time posting here, but I've been coming here for the reviews for a while! So I was wondering about the GTX 760(or any cards around it really) and if now is a good time to get one, or if there might be any upcoming price drops, because I've heard that AMD is announcing new...

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