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    Stress test recommendation?

    I was thinking: CPU: Prime95 (small or large?), Aida64, OCCT (Linepack 2019?) RAM: Hci memtest -> overall memory/ number of CPU threads -< number of open windows GPU: Unigine superposition How much time to test? AMD R5 1600
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    Usb allocation size

    So this is situation: - I know that default windows allocation size is 4096 bytes but I am thinking to format my sd card 32gb to 64 kilobytes. On sd card will be only movies and TV shows(file size from 350mb to 4gb). On USB stick 64gb (movies, pictures, documents) I was thinking to set it to 32...
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    User expirinace of Steelseries Apex 7 - Help needed

    I am planning to buy this keyboard but I read this on Tom Hardware review: "The Apex 7 offers N-key rollover, so those moments should not have posed any problems. But I noticed that inputs were regularly ignored during frantic moments--which is exactly when gamers expect their keyboards to...
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    Full RGB vs Ycbcr

    I connected my PC with my new Samsung 58" TV (VA panel). In Nvidia control panel I have options: Full RGB Limited RGB Ycbcr 4:4:4 Ycbcr 4:2:2 Ycbcr 4:2:0 Which one of this is better? Also what bpc to select (I have option 8 and 10)? Is it best to put TV to 4k 30hz or 24hz? Aren`t movie...
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    Logitech Z333 volume control pad

    Volume control pad on my Logitech Z333 when turning have scratchy feeling, like those two plastics are too close to one another. Is it wise to spray that with WD40 (I think I read that it is not good for this plastic things) or something else?
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    Need information about spin up time

    Noob question: I have WD red for 2 months but I noticed that with time slowly degradation of spin up time. Is this normal? My old WD green was replaced after 35 000 of working hours and with spin up tme of 6.8 seconds. I did`t pay attention to this value before, maybe is completely normal...
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    Is my RX 580 GB working correctly?

    GPU: Sapphire Nitro RX 580 GB CPU: Ryzen 1600 stock Motherboard: X470 strix RAM: Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory - currently working on 2133hmz PSU: EVGA G2 850W Operating System: Windows 10 GPU Drivers: 18.9.3 I bought RX 580 Nitro 8GB and I want to test it that GPU...
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    AG272FCX opinions?

    Does anyone here has AOC AG272FCX (freesync, MVA, 144hz)? Opinions? This is my number 1 choice to hunt on Black friday (maybe even Asus XG27VQ is price falls drastically). I am most worried about freesync, is implementation right? Asking this because on first search my first choice...
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    Can I download and extract at a same time on HDD?

    Stupid question: I am downloading some big file from web and at a same time I started to extract some big files on that HDD. HDD usage in task manager jump to 100%. In that scenario is it possible that something can go wrong, downloaded files can become damaged?
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    WD red hidden 128mb partition

    I bought WD red 2TB (it will be used as multimedia standard storage) and I done full format (Computer management - new volume - GPT - full format) on it. I noticed that it created hidden also small partion of 128mb. Should i leave this alone? Before I had WD green 2TB who didn`t created anything.
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    Difference between Razer mousepads

    What is difference between Razer Goliathus Control - Fissure control - Gravity control? Just picture? I play usually RTS games so I decided to buy control mousepad, my current roccat taito control is a bit rough, like some sandpaper, I don`t like it. Is razer goliathus control version smooth...
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    What does ram latency affect?

    I am planning to try to run my memory on full speed but I was wondering informative what does this value of memory latency (red cirle) affect? Does it affect smoothness (I think I read that) of game or just higher fps?
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    WD red vs wd red pro

    I was planning to buy WD red 2tb for multimedia storage but I saw very good deal for wd red pro 4tb. I don`t need extra TB but it will come in handy in future. I saw that 2TB is 5400rpm (noise max 25db) while wd red pro 4tb is 7200rpm (idle 29db, seek 36db). I have Define R5 so I am little...
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    Does burn in problem on monitor comes under warranty?

    I have burn in problem on my monitor. In light scenes I can`t see it but on dark it is like faint green line with constant trasculent burn in taskbar. Will they accept this if I send it for RMA?
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    FPS drop and high disk usage spike

    My pc: X470 strix Ryzen R5 1600 16gb ram Ati 7770 1gb SSD 120gb - installed win10 Wd blue 1TB ezex - for games, programs In Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice i have fps drop and when I minimize and go to taskbar I got this: when stutter happen when game is on HDD (disk 1): When I installed it...
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    Logitech G700 durability

    I am thinking to buy used g700 (no warranty). I read thatt this mouse has problems that after some time buttons stop working? Is that true? Can that be fixed with some cheap switches form ebay or this is more a electronic problem?
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    VA panel advice

    I am looking for good VA panels (I find these, I think in this price range there is no other good monitor than these): – Samsung LC27FG73 (freesync range 70 -144hz??) – 368€ – 2 years warranty – Samsung L27F591 (48-72) – 275€ + DP cable 10€ – 2 years warranty – AOC Q3279VWF (48-75hz) –...
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    Request for sound confirmation

    Bought Superlux HD 668B yesterday. By some review these are awesome headphones for price, some say they even have audiophile quality. On this song in the beggining everytime I hear something like crackling - sparkling. Can someone with good headphone confirm that that crackling is really...
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    Does anyone here has Roccat Aimo

    My previous mouse was Tyon (perfect grip, no slippery). Unfortunatley Tyon broke. I tryed Logitech G502 but when my hands become sweaty, rubber on the sides of the mouse causes mouse to become slippery. I am thinking of buying Roccat Aimo but I read some users reviews that mentions that it...

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