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    Want to Buy Asus GTX 1080 Strix

    I'd really rather have a 5700XT! But I have a waterblock for a 1080 Strix laying around that I'd like to put to use, so I'm looking for ONLY the Asus Strix version of the 1080 to fit the block. I've seen 5700XT's going for 400 or less that perform better than the 1080, so looking to pay around...
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    EVGA GTX 970, GTX 980

    I am planning to trade my 970 plus cash for a 980, and trying to figure out the difference in price. Both cards are EVGA and not mined, with original box. Thanks!
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    Want to Sell Nothing for now

    Nothing for now
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    Want to Buy Nothing for now

    Nothing for now.
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    Migrating from one windows 10 machine to another

    Hey all. I have a daily driver computer, and another faster machine. I'm thinking of adopting the faster one as my main machine and moving all apps/data/the kitchen sink to it. Both machines have windows 10 home with a digital entitlement. So I don't want or need to move the windows license...
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    Want to Buy Nothing for now

    Nothing to see here, move along!
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    Does Crimson now work with OC tools on an R9 290x?

    I know there was an issue using additional voltage while overclocking using e.g. Afterburner or Trixx, such that on boot Crimson applied the oc frequency but not the voltage, resulting in a no start situation that was pain in the ass to resolve... Has this been fixed, specifically for the R9...
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    Completed Archon

    This is the second condensed build log that I am posting to introduce myself to these forums. The first was a high bang for the buck 3770k build based upon an upgraded H220 all in one, with a modded case. This one ups the ante somewhat in terms of watercooling parts used and level of finish...
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    Completed H220 Unleashed!

    Hi all! By way of introduction to these forums, I thought I'd post a condensed version of a couple of my builds. I often use used parts to keep the price down, and this system is no exception. It has a very effective (and yet cost effective) water cooling loop based on the Swiftech H220...

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