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    Stereo Mix on Ivy Bridge NUC

    Sometimes I want to have music on my usb headset/bluetooth headset AND on my speakers. Weird, yes, but please bear with me. The only way I know how to do this is by using the stereo mix method. HOWEVER, I use an ivy bridge intel NUC, which does NOT have any sort of audio jack of any sort...
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    Wifi + Bluetooth USB Receiver

    I've seen plenty of wifi usb receivers, but are there wifi usb adapters that also support bluetooth? I was previously using a 6235 wifi card, but I don't have antenna connectors for it anymore and I still need bluetooth connectivity (usb ports are at a minimum, so I need wifi + bluetooth in a...
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    Buy monitor from Dell directly vs NCIX

    I heard stories about how buying from a Dell monitor from a US e-retailer somehow ends up forfeiting dell's 'special warranty' and sticks you with 1yr basic warranty. is this true for canadians? If i can just buy a monitor from NCIX and not wait for Dell to ship it, is there any reason not to...
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    HDMI-out laptop to DP-in monitor

    I have a DP-to-DP cable between my NUC and my monitor right now. Is there an adapter that will let me unplug the cable on the NUC, put it on, and then plug into the HDMI port on my laptop? I would PREFER this setup to support 1440p, but 1080p is fine.
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    Bay Trail tablets as Mobile Dev Machines?

    Like the title says, will bay trail tablets be fast enough to run visual studio? I've taken a look at some of the specs out there and it's not too bad really. Obviously, the CPU isn't desktop grade, but maybe it's good enough for someone running VS and 2 browsers at once? Really though, it's...
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    DisplayPort 1.2 has 'USB hub' functionality?

    DisplayPort 1.2 spec doubles bandwidth, adds features - The Tech Report this is like not new at all, but I never realized that DP1.2 was supposed to feature USB support. Is there any monitor out there that does this? I currently have a U2713HM and I plug in my orbweaver, keyboard, mouse, and...
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    Movie Maker vs Premiere Pro

    Here's the situation: I am in the process of making some programming screencasts for personal usage (i'm very forgetful about how certain processes that only happen once per project -_-). I've been using my avermedia live gamer portable to record my videos. I had it set to 128kbps audio and...
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    Want to Sell Mechanical Keyboards

    Hey everybody, I've managed to amass a small collection of mechanical keyboards as I've been trying to find 'the perfect board' for both home and work. They're all lightly used because they each get replaced by another board so quickly (sometimes a week, only one got up to 3 months). There's...
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    Question about BST forum

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post about the BST forum, but I didn't see any question threads around (besides price checks). I was wondering if it's acceptable to limit sales to: GVR locals only + public location pickup only + cash only. I'm not sure if I missed specific rules about...
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    ASUS DirectCU II 7870

    Any idea on price? NCIX is still pricing this at $250 before a $20 rebate.
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    HDMI Audio to monitor and analog sound out?

    Hey all, I have never in my life really used my computer to output content to my TV in any serious manner (TV = cable, monitor = games + work) and especially never done anything with speaker setups. I want my desktop to HDMI to a dell u2713hm* and have the monitor analog sound out to an...
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    Intel NUC and GT3e

    is the Intel NUC formfactor a 'target platform' for GT3e chips? or is 68W just way too hot? What exactly does 68W of cooling look like anyways?
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    'DVR' for watching Twitch streams

    With my telus optic box, whenever I watch live TV, I get the option to rewind and pause. My question is: How do I get the exact same functionality when watching twitch streams? There are usually very many boring parts of the stream where I switch to another tab and doodle. Every once in...
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    Recommended Qi Charger

    Anyone here have a recommendation for a Qi charger? I only need it for a single phone and my desk space is small, so smaller mats are preferred. A large 'contact' spot is important. It doesn't have to be the size of a phone or anything, but it can't be a single 2mm dot on a phone vs a 2mm dot...
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    Tax Preparation Fees

    Went to H&R Block because RBC was offering a discount for them and I wanted to inquire further. After a quick consultation, I was quoted $200-$250 for my tax return as an independent contractor working for a foreign company (US). This seems OUTRAGEOUS to me, but this is also my first time...
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    27" 1440p Monitor with Brightness Buttons

    Like the title says, do 27" monitors with hardware brightness controls exist? I do NOT meant brightness controls in an OSD menu. I press a button and the brightness goes up or down. Just like on a laptop. any suggestions?
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    H90 vs D14

    For my mitx system, between the two mentioned coolers with a single ULN NF-A14, which one will be do better tempwise? I'm assuming the same fan will produce the same amount of noise on either cooler. yes, I'm aware this will give me disastrous temps, but I honestly don't hit very high clocks...
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    Display Cables and my go-bag

    I've been trying to reduce the size and weight of my go-bag in recent times. Currently, by far, the most amount of weight and space is taken up by the display cables. I have DL-DVI, HDMI, and VGA cables along with various adapters for DP/mDP/mHDMI etc. for all 1080p monitors, I THINK I can...
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    Zotac Z68ITX-A-E vs ASUS P8Z77-I DELUXE for Win8

    So, I currently have the Zotac Z68ITX-A-E with Win8. Here's the problem, the USB3 and network drivers don't work very well. The usb3 ones don't work at all and the network drivers corrupt everytime the machine goes to sleep/hibernate/turns off in any way. When the wifi driver is corrupt, win8...
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    Convert 8pin CPU to 4pin CPU?

    What do you do when the power supply has an 8-pin CPU connector (NOT 4+4 pin) and the motherboard only had a 4pin header? is there actually an adapter for that?

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