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  1. Bean Counter

    Borderlands 2

    ......agreed....that's where the fun begins. I've been playing it for a few months....I just leveled to 68 but have been getting level 69 weapons. has anyone else gotten weapons above their level.....ever?
  2. Bean Counter

    Who games with headphones?

    headphones...always. like Deeival said....more immersive that way.
  3. Bean Counter

    Gallery Corsair Carbide Air 540 build

    ...originally when you spoke of painting the top and grills i thought it was a good idea.....now....looking at these pics....not so sure. then again, it's your baby. looks amazing...nice, neat job!
  4. Bean Counter


    i think Slaughter deserves a belated happy birthday also....seeing his was on the 2nd also. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Slaughter. Hope it was a good one dude.
  5. Bean Counter


    it's not a matter of being at fault Soul. i always thought there should be a thread where members could wish each other a happy birthday if they felt so inclined. Seeing as there was none i thought it would be nice if moderators jumped in to acknowledge such thread. HWC is like family to some...
  6. Bean Counter


    Geeze...i thought the moderators would at least extend a Happy Birthday to a long time member.
  7. Bean Counter


    ....hope you get tons of loot Slik! Wishing you all the best dude!:clap:
  8. Bean Counter

    Whats your latest purchase?

    Xonar U 7 sound card
  9. Bean Counter


    .....a shout out to Killswitch on yet another birthday. Hope it's the best yet!:punk::clap::thumb:
  10. Bean Counter

    The Happy thread!

    ....good one Perineum:haha:
  11. Bean Counter

    Rants etc.....

    just a suggestion Soul, but you could probably get an implant for that price.
  12. Bean Counter

    Computer names, yours and suggestions

    .....not that's there's anything wrong with that!:haha:
  13. Bean Counter


    privacy being at a premium these days it's totally understandable why people do not use their real names. you can befriend as an option and then devulge whatever you feel comfortable with. i've had pm's signed with "real" names. if you've ever watched the show Catfish...you'll come to realize...
  14. Bean Counter

    If you had the choice between these ????

    ....i had the koss but found they were really uncomfortalble within about an hour....really pinched...hurt like hell and i don't have a big head:haha:
  15. Bean Counter

    Starting to look for some cans... can anyone give me a place to start?

    i will only comment on cans for gaming. i have the Razer Tiamats, Tritton HDA, & Roccat Kaves. My preference is the Trittons for gaming. as Lpfan4ever mentioned...the place to go for info is www.Headfi.org
  16. Bean Counter

    Tell me Why I NEED a Gaming Keyboard

    being a hard core gamer & after trying several different keyboards...my favorite is the Saitek Eclipse II. You want it back lit with blue...this keyboard has 3 colors...blue, red, & a bright pinky-mauve. I've found that expensive is not necessarily better. i've got a brand new Logitech Gaming...
  17. Bean Counter

    If you had the choice between these ????

    from that selection i'd definetly go with the Sennheiser
  18. Bean Counter

    Merry Christmas HWC!

    Merry Christmas...Happy New Year everyone!
  19. Bean Counter

    I need a new gaming keyboard.

    I found that with this keyboard the lighting is not nearly bright enough for gaming.
  20. Bean Counter

    Neverending Story Thread

    ...to say..."strap it in on Big Boy" if you.....

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