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    looking for opinions/options/insights thank you muchly

    Appreciated, but no..Cans all the way more sound stage, far more comfy, I wear earplugs on a daily basis, cannot use earbud style constantly for all noise related tasks for hearing or blocking, am sure that is not a very healthy decision :rofl:
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    looking for opinions/options/insights thank you muchly

    that is what the Superlux are :P Most of the higher end ones are also quite pricey, Sennheiser from my experience with them, their build quality is absolute crud on the south of $200 price point, DT770 and the Superlux I mentioned from reviews are apparently quite similar overall quality, not...
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    looking for opinions/options/insights thank you muchly

    I was looking for a new headset, I dont use my mic lately, and budget is very tight does not help, so mic does not matter much TBH prefered but not mandatory I currently have Razer Kraken V2 Pro, however I am looking for a new pair, as while I dont mind the sound of these, I really really...
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    The MAX-Q Laptop Battle - ASUS vs Gigabyte Comment Thread

    smartphone makers and certainly laptops that have that much more space for battery capacity, these days are a bloody joke, makes them very pricey for the component selection than hamstring their running time through not very good battery life. I can kind of understand with smartphones because...
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    AMD RX Vega 64 & Vega 56 Performance Review COMMENT THREAD

    :thumb: well said, and totally true, now that AMD more or less knows what Ryzen does and does well, they can really push the RTG team to hammer the next design full force to optimize/lean like Ryzen did from Bulldozer my $.05 :haha:
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    AMD RX Vega 64 & Vega 56 Performance Review COMMENT THREAD

    FYI the performance/mm2 of Polaris/Vega are actually very good, the raw gaming performance is not the only part of these things that are the end all be all. "modern" Nv based cards are not masters of everything, they are "tuned" racing machines, the radeons are far more "jack of all trade master...
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    AMD Ryzen 3 1300X & 1200 Performance Review COMMENT THREAD

    What would the results in gaming be with more common GTX1060 6GB or Rx580 8GB" Common wouldnt be 1060 or 580, they would be like 1050 or 46/560 as that would be a common "gaming" card for someone who is buying a "common" quad core, those running higher end core i5/i7 or Ryzen 5/7 would be using...
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    BC Forest Fires

    also family in Penticton, Vernon area. I pray for all the families (and animal life) that damage is kept to a minimum and life losses are kept low as possible. such a terrible thing for anyone or anything to go through :(
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    Are you on fence about Ryzen?

    Intel seems to be far more concerned about doing bare minimum possible, and constantly chopping things away from different cpu in the same family (just as baseline example, 7700k may have some things enabled or the 7500k may actually have more fleshed out feature set but slower clock type thing)...
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    Linus on Intel Kaby Lake X, Core i9, and X299

    Intel only cares about $$$$$$$$$$$, so they will cut and paste features, cooling capability, limit memory speeds/capacity etc etc to ensure the most $ possible, this has never changed, and IMO seems every generation they keep putting their heads further up their arse instead of doing the best...
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    Best $600 Canadian gaming pc

    well for templates many places can ask for opinions, tons of places for recommendations on specific parts and of course many places can buy them partpicker is one, shopbot is another to name 2 to find a wide selection different price points and the like, I have bought via ncix many times over...
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    Best $600 Canadian gaming pc

    core i3 one you listed will handle those games though some will not be running super fast either (such as BF one) that cpu cooler toss that crap :D there are many better options. computer case IMO look around tons and tons of viable alternatives, the case I just bought besides being a wee bit...
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    Ontario to raise minimum wage to 15$/h

    make more to keep less in your pocket, that is sadly the Canada and much of the world we live in..first time this was done in my lifetime was way back in the 90s that I recall, bump in min wage after many promises for many years to do this, for the first little bit, it actually made a...
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    Bitcoin mining, how do I?

    this is where tweaking comes in, to maximize the hash rate while reducing power consumption, but, at lest when I got out of it, the best coin to mine if you did not have an asic was Ethereum as gpu mining for bitcoin was at that point, simply not worth it, unless you had multiple gpu to do so...
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    Which 500GB'ish SSD?

    Adata SU800 I believe also comes NVME though I could be wrong, I prefer sata based myself at least the drive gets cooled proper IMO nothing like being sandwiched deep onto the motherboard
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    skylake bendgate: Fake news or real deal?

    Intel cheaping out on an expensive product go figure..they could have added extra layers to the substrate use as extra cooling ability or something even if no transistors were part of those layers, instead they do not and seem to want to blame everyone but themselves when damage happens. there...
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    DX 12 Multi GPU adapter

    last I remember hearing is Nv was doing their best to lock down multi gpu in Win10 to prevent mix and match usage/ other vendor gpu usage to ensure sales figures of their own gpu, if win10 is only software and they have for the longest time locked down things such as physx, specific gpu SLI etc...
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    Frustration with podcast playlists on Android

    for me the problem with mins is even when shuffled and set to play no matter if set as shuffle or not, always hear the same songs repeating again and again out of 340+ tracks, my iphone4 never did this EVER :( the volume booster thingy I use does not seem to work with anything but the defauly...
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    Work in progress Bad Moon Ryzen

    I avoid green no based on overpricing but rather their bull shit industry rape everyone but them, lie and hide the truth tactics, they cannot use high grade components like AMD uses, so instead use fancy tricks to prevent temps/power from overloading the below quality components in use, then...
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    Is this true about windows 10 snooping?

    is nothing to do with tinfoil hat, this has been known since early days of Win10 launch, do what you will, turn off or firewall however you see fit, with Win10, if it is plugged in to go online, it WILL send stuff back to MSFT their excuse for spying and not reporting what they gather "everyone...

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