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    Want to Buy [WTB] Cherry MX Brown mech. keybaord - found one-

    Looking to buy a mechanical keyboard with brown cherry mx switches for that clickity-clakity....if someone wanna get rid of theirs to get something else pm me! I want to buy the K70 but they cost too much right now :( EDIT: please close/delete thread.
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    Computer keeps shutting down on me before I can install windows

    ASUS P5Q + E6550 + 4x1GB CORSAIR + Liberty Enermax 500W I am not sure which part is faulty but it keeps teasing me...it works for a little bit getting my hopes up but never completely works. So I had a Gigabyte motherboard which I thought was faulty and swapped this P5Q instead. Now I am...
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    Finally time for a rebuild!

    I've had the rig in my sig for 5+ years and it is now time for an overhaul. :bananafunky: I am keeping/using the following: CM-RC690 case, my old hard drives, and OS. I need new MB, CPU, GPU, Power Supply and RAM. I would like to stick to around $500 and keep the computer upgradable (cpu...
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    computer turns 'on' but no POST or video signal

    Hey guys I recently swapped the motherboard in my computer because the previous one was done and once i finished assembling everything, I turned it on: all the fans are spinning, the LED on motherboard is solid green, hard drives spinning... except: no signal to monitor :S I removed all the...
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    Enermax 500W, CoolerMaster RC-690 how much?

    Haven't been around lately and might part out my old gaming computer to bay the bills, any help appreciated!
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    Want to Buy LGA775 DDR2 board

    I have a very nice desktop i built myself back when i was really into it but sadly the motherboard died and haven't used the desktop in a while. I'm looking for a cheap LGA 775 that takes my E6550 cpu and DDR2 ram. Thanks :)
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    Help needed finding problem (related to power)

    Hello all :canadianwave: My desktop(sig) has been having this problem for a while now and I don't know whether to fix it or part out as I don't use it much anyways. How much would this be worth nowadays? So, the problem is that it BSOD's randomly and sometimes it doesn't even make it to...
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    Want to Sell 32gb Ipod Touch 3rd gen. with brand new apple headphones

    $220 Put a shield on the front the same week I got it, no scratches on the screen. Running iOS4. I can jailbreak it for you if you want. Brand new apple earphones - with volume control and mic :D no usb cable but you can get one for $3 from dealextreme with free shipping: DealExtreme: $1.93...
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    Want to Buy DDR2 RAM 2GB kit or 4GB kit

    One of my sticks recently died one me so I'm looking to buy either a 2GB kit or 4GB kit. Performance doesn't really matter as i don't intend to overclock. post here or shoot me a pm EMT only (or cash if local) thanks :} :punk:
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    ddr2: buy now or wait?

    I had a 2gb kit, one stick just died one me. At the moment, i don't really need more ram since the most intensive app i run is Warcraft3(dota :D) However i might play MW2, borderlands etc in the future. And due the rising price of DDR2, should i buy a ram now or when i need it in a few months...
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    Want to Sell Razer DeathAdder [gaming mouse]

    SOLD: Razer DeathAdder [gaming mouse] Includes everything you would get if you bought the retail version (box, manual, cd etc) All buttons work; light on scroll wheel works, same with the razer logo on the back. There is nothing wrong with it, only reason I'm selling it is because the...
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    I want a new keyboard..

    I am currently using a kb i got with my old computer from bestbuy..the very basic ones. Its getting really old (5 years) so im thinking of getting a new one. I tried the saitek eclipse 2, and I thought it was alright. It had a cheep feel to it. I liked how it was quiet though..i usually game...
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    Want to Buy CoD4 cd key

    My friend is a poor college student so can`t afford to buy retail or steam. If anyone is tired of the game and wants to sell the cd key for an affordable price, please let me know. Thanks! :biggrin:
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    QuakeCon 2009

    anyone going?
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    around $400-500 to spend

    My friend wants to build a gaming comp, he already has a 8800GTS 512MB so he doesnt need a video card. I haven't been following the hardware scene for a while so I need your help. so....suggestions please :biggrin: Thanks
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    Want to Sell Steam Account (L4D, TF2, Portal etc) for sale!!

    Steam account contains the following games: L4D, TF2 + 1 guestpass, Portal, and some other ones. $50 USD I accept paypal and EMT. currently, on steam: L4D is $50 USD and the orange box is $30 USD.
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    HIS 3850 256mb $55 + shipping

    HIS 3850 256mb $55 + shipping -> SOLD SOLD pic: Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting Comes with everything that's included in the retail package. Courier will be CanadaPost; if you live in Ottawa, we can meet somewhere. I'm selling because I just got a...
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    will my psu support 9800gtx+ ?

    scroll down for PSU specs: Enermax Technology Corporation the card: EVGA | Products recommended: 26amps on the +12V rail. I think it does, but im not confident so just double checking before i buy :)
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    Wtb: Ati 4850

    for fallout 3/CoD5/L4D etc :)
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    legit, not banned. thanks :punk:

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