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    looking for opinions/options/insights thank you muchly

    I was looking for a new headset, I dont use my mic lately, and budget is very tight does not help, so mic does not matter much TBH prefered but not mandatory I currently have Razer Kraken V2 Pro, however I am looking for a new pair, as while I dont mind the sound of these, I really really...
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    General question about speakers or amplifier

    I have a Xonar DX which I quite like the sound of, but for whatever reason the front port on my tower does not seem to work anymore even though plugging and unplugging the headset (Siberia V3 black gold edition) seems to make little pops and stuff as if sound should come out but does not. Not...
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    core 2 E8400 EO P5Q-E etc price check please

    Core 2 E8400 EO with Thermaltake silent 775 cooler (meant for Pentium 4 works great) excellent overclocker P5Q-E Gskill F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK 1 2x2gb kit WD Caviar black 640 asus drw-b1st I am looking at selling this and want to know a fair price to me and the buyer I paid quite a bit for this when...
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    Want to Sell MSI Radeon TFIII OC 7870

    Hi there, am looking to sell my MSI Radeon TFIII OC 7870 I have not used paypal for this type thing would prefer to do email transfer on negotiation to final price and shipping approval of course. Am looking for ~$140+ and shipping would be ~$30 added to final price depending on options and...
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    seen this on reddit sorry if wrong section OSAP problems

    http://www.reddit.com/r/canada/comments/16lhhs/guys_the_lost_hard_drive_with_student_loan_info/ There is a very good chance that if you got a student loan between 2000 and 2006, outside of the places unaffected, that you are one of the 583,000 people who's info was on that hard drive...
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    XCF xtremecombatforce is recruiting (PC) for BF3, RO2, and various games

    (I am hoping this is in the right forum location) +XCF+ We are medium sized group (60 - 80) that are looking for guys & gals in the mid twenties and up. We play Battlefield 3 as the main game but our members have and play many various games. We have been around for four years now an enjoy a...
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    Xtreme Combat Force clan looking for new recruits and fellow gamers

    xtremecombatforce.com is the name of the clan I am part of. We have our own TS3 server(privately run on a secured server) We also run a few different servers, play many different games, and we are allied with many very large, well known fellow gaming clans. We are allied with PB, GGC, AON...
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    I would be glad to help with new build, comparisons, reviews, and such if need be

    My name is Dragon, I am one of the main admins from Link removed, we are a freindly, fairly large clan allied with some of the largest, anti-cheat related clans on the gaming scene. I myself am a fairly avid gamer, and spend tons of time reading reviews, helping folks do thier builds, and...

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