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  1. S_G

    Free Swiftech H2O-120 Compact

    Take it. It's yours. Pick it up in Montreal, or simply pay the cost of shipping. Pretty sure this thing only fits LGA775, but, hell, just take it. I don't want it. Maybe you can make it fit a newer socket with some effort, I don't know, man, take it.
  2. S_G

    Want to Buy 2x LGA1366 HSF (even your stock ones)

    Yeah, I'm a bit of an imbecile. I bought the wrong motherboard, and have inadvertently limited my heatsink choices even further. The CPU sockets are right next to one another, meaning I can't have heatsinks more than 95mm wide or over 480g. Might do dARqSyDE's suggestion. Thanks for your help...
  3. S_G

    Want to Buy 2x LGA1366 HSF (even your stock ones)

    I couldn't find anything cheap and with free shipping on NCIX or Newegg. The cheapest I can find are two of these for $37.86 shipped. If I can get: a) two better coolers for that or less, or b) two other coolers for significantly less (<$25 shipped), then I consider that a victory. :) If I...
  4. S_G

    Want to Buy 2x LGA1366 HSF (even your stock ones)

    I need two identical LGA 1366 HSFs. I'm putting together a dual-socket Xeon system for my brother, but I don't have heatsinks for it. I'm looking for 2 cheap and identical coolers. I'd love the stock Intel Extreme Edition ones, or other aftermarket ones, but I'll even settle for the standard...
  5. S_G

    Want to Sell X58-I7 930 and more, need some monies!

    I'm assuming that's 6x2GB DDR3-1333 sticks?
  6. S_G

    Want to Buy nothing atm

    I'm local, and I would be interested in this for my brother, he's been wanting a gaming PC for a while. However, I'm not going to call dibs or anything, since I think the more noble thing to do is fold with it. So, I'll simply throw my hat in the ring in case you don't find anyone who wants it...
  7. S_G

    Want to Sell Silverstone TJ07 Murdermodded

    :O If I didn't have a Tagan Black Pearl on my desk right now, I would buy that in a heartbeat. I'm going to close this window before I change my mind.
  8. S_G

    Project: MNU by Kylevdm

    Holy smokes, this is impressive!
  9. S_G

    Want to Buy WTB El Cheapo DDR2 (even 512MB)

    Ahoy. Located in Montreal, so someone around here would be preferred, but I'll take shipping as well. Speed is irrelevant. I just need a stick of DDR2 of at least 512MB. The cheapest stick shipped to downtown Montreal wins! Go! :thumb:
  10. S_G

    Want to Sell 2x Quad Xeons, X7DWA-N, FBDIMMs, water, case, 8800 ultra, HT Omega Striker, Atom 230

    Yep. It's huge. Just google Rocketfish Lian Li, you'll see more info about it. I think it ended up costing me $150 to get it here, but I think if I don't sell it, I'll never find the motivation to move into my Tagan Black Pearl.
  11. S_G

    Want to Sell 2x Quad Xeons, X7DWA-N, FBDIMMs, water, case, 8800 ultra, HT Omega Striker, Atom 230

    Everything is still hooked up, just not running anymore, I've unplugged the PSU. I uploaded some pics, but I'm missing pics of the HDD, Atom board, DB-1 pumps, and case. I'll get those up ASAP. EDIT: Added the Atom and DB-1 pics. Case and HDD still coming... Also added prices for the video card...
  12. S_G

    Want to Sell 2x Quad Xeons, X7DWA-N, FBDIMMs, water, case, 8800 ultra, HT Omega Striker, Atom 230

    Pictures will be up within 24 hours! I promise, just in a rush right now. I'm clearing out all of my stuff! I don't know how much a lot of this is actually WORTH now, so please feel free to shoot me any offer you wish. Entertain me. I want cash, not looking for trades, sorry. I live in downtown...
  13. S_G

    Want to Buy Found

    Found the RAM I was looking for. :)
  14. S_G

    Want to Sell LOADS of New STUFF!

    You've got a PM, dibs on the Koolance rad mounting bracket. :thumb:
  15. S_G

    whats wrong with a mustache?

    Depends what you mean by mustache. I don't think you're talking Magnum P.I., you're probably too young to have one that, er... full. Let's look at your choices at 18: Pencil mustache: Not unless you're black or from the 1940s. Handlebar: Badass. If you're dressing up for Halloween. Horseshoe...
  16. S_G

    Want to Sell LOADS of New STUFF!

    Jesus, man. You've been trying to get rid of that passive res forever! I can't believe it hasn't sold yet.
  17. S_G

    Want to Sell All sorts of gear. Case, water cooling gear and more. Dig in!

    Hmm, can't tell from the picture, but are those dark nickel Bitspower barbs, or just the standard ones?
  18. S_G

    Want to Sell Getting rid of extra parts!

    I'll take both sets of DDR2-800. YHPM.

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