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    Noctua now makes SEXY FANS!

    Noctua clued in and now doesn't make ugly fans. Noctua.at - sound-optimised premium components "Designed in Austria"!
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    z87 workstation?

    My computer is doing more and more mathematical modeling and I run out of memory on some calculations with just 8 GB. How much memory and at what speed is best for mathematical software? I'm guessing somewhere around 1866 and 16 GB?
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    s3 won't import music

    Can't manually transfer it even. Can't use WMP. It's a real piss off cuz my s5xxx phone could doit. I don't think i'll ever buy a samsung product again. They're trying to make their own version of andriod and it amounts to nothing but non functional bloatware:angry2:
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    Save .txt as a batch file 8.1

    Hello. I have saved a .txt file as "all files" and listed it as a .bat extenstion with folder options set to show extenstions. It is still a .txt file. How do u make a .txt into a .bat in windows 8.1? This is driving me insane.
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    Need Help: Litecoin Mining with Win8.1, 6950

    Hey guys I really need some help figuring out why I can't get cgminer to work in windows. I have set up multiple installations of xubuntu and mined with cgminer with great success. Now I want to be able to run cgminer from winblows 8.1 and I cannot get the program to even run. My driver...
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    To HWC Reviewers: Where are my BF4 benches!?

    Hey guys! We've been waiting for sooooooo long for our bf4 benchies. Please give us our candy now that mantle is out. :bleh:
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    4770K Overclocking ceiling

    Hello. I have gotten my 4770K to 4.6 GHz stable by bumping the core voltage to 1.3000 and the ring voltage to 1.2000. Any higher multiplier bump and it is unstable (i.e. @ 47+). Is this voltage safe? Temps stay under 80. If my thermals are under control can I bump up the core voltage and/or...
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    Trifire Irregularity

    Hello. I have 3 6950's installed on a z87 gd65 mobo. The motherboard explorer utility in the bios shows all 3 slots are populated and 8,4,4 pcie3.0 speeds. When I open the CCC and click performand -> crossfireX it shows "3 GPUs (8 0 4)" I am wondering if it is using the middle card? Or...
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    Will X8 PCIe 2.0 Bottleneck R9 290x?

    Just like the title: Will X8 PCIe 2.0 Bottleneck a R9 290x?
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    6950 unlockable sapphire toxic 2 gig

    Price check on 2x6950 2gig sapphire toxic edition unlocked (sapphire's best binned cards), basically a 6970 due to stock clocks being that of a ref. 6970 and they unlock. No boxes; i'd ship in some of that static proof padded bags inside an old motherboard box. I was seeing other 6950 go for...
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    Hey. I had a great frame rate on ultra @ 1080p in the beta but now no matter what settings I use it's completely unplayable. Anyone have any ideas? I'm pretty pissed off that this game ran infinitely better as a beta than a real release.
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    MSI RMA in Canada

    How easy/hard are these guys to deal with from Canada? I'm thinking of buying a MSI z87 mobo
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    r9 280x vs 6950 toxic

    Hey guys! I was wondering what people think of the new r9 280x vs an overclocked and unlocked 6950. I can't find any direct comparisons, but it's apples to apples comparing ati cards to each other (in theory..) The 280x has about double the memory bandwidth and 50% more textel rate. In theory...
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    Is there a good quality 7.1 headset?

    Heya, I have a tall order. I want a single pair of cans that can do 7.1 virtual surround and also has a mini stereo plug so i can use my 1/4'' adapter and hook it up to some sound equipment. I would also need good quality drivers with a neutral bias. Is this a pipe dream for 200 bucks or less?
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    AMD better for BF4?

    WTF, all beta benchmarks I find shows that AMD is beating up intel on this game. Please talk me out of pulling the trigger on a 9590 by showing some bad benchmarks for it on bf4. Otherwise I will have a volcano in my tower :shok:
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    Vengance K70: way better than a black widow

    The black widow finally died so i picked one of these up. The build quality is miles beyond razer. I loved that black widow, but this beats it in every way, except for macroable keys (which i don't use). Got the mx blues of course :biggrin: So yeah, if you like blues, k70 is elegant, great...
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    Intel CPUs : Hardware Backdoor

    » ?Secret? 3G Intel Chip Gives Snoops Backdoor PC Access Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! Big Brother potentially exists right now in our PCs, compliments of Intel's vPro | TG Daily
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    Ubuntu Tablet: Nexus 7

    Has anyone successfully made one of these yet? I am <-> this close to pulling the trigger on a nexus 7 for the purpose of turning it into an Ubuntu tablet, but some insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    Problem With Display synchmaster s27b350

    Hello. I changed my display from vga to hdmi, same display and computer. Now the display has a good inch black bar around the whole perimeter and it will not resize. There is only an auto resize button and it says "unavailable". I don't want to pay for a 27'' screen and get 25'' out of it...
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    Gaming Build for BF4

    Hey guys, my good friend needs an upgrade. 1. What YOUR PC will be used for. That means what types of tasks you'll be performing. Gaming. 2. What YOUR budget is. A price range is acceptable as long as it's not more than a 20% spread As small as possible. 3. What country YOU will be buying...

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