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    ....hope you get tons of loot Slik! Wishing you all the best dude!:clap:
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    .....a shout out to Killswitch on yet another birthday. Hope it's the best yet!:punk::clap::thumb:
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    Man Straps Cruise Missile to.....

    ...........cop a boo at this New and Used Car Listings, Car Reviews and Research Guides - AOL Autos
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    How do you adjust your monitor

    this question is primarily addressing desktop monitors. how do you adjust yours re:comfort level? straight up and down, tilted slightly up or tilted slightly down. also do you change the angle from when you're surfing the net as apposed to gaming. slightly is the key word.
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    Congratulations Killswitch

    want to congratulate our fellow HWC member Killswitch on his new arrival......Kaleb Daniel born this morning at 3:30am He's 6lbs 140z and 20" long. :bananafunky:
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    Razer Tiamat 7.1 analog

    ....has anyone pre-ordered these yet....or considering it? this is the 1st set of 7.1 analog headphones ever developed. i'm thinking about it..... www.razerzone.com
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    Anyone tried Flux yet

    has anyone tried the flux software? it makes the color of your computer display adjust to the time of day. warm at night....like sunlight during the day. i just down downloaded it tonight and am trying it out. sure is easier on the eyes if you use your computer in the dark. i'm going to give it...
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    Uncut Sheet of $2.00 Bills

    i was wondering if anyone could help me with an issue i have as to the value of a sheet of uncut $2.00 bills that was water damaged. the insurance company requested a replacement $ amount but i can't seem to find any info on it. the bank will only redeem the face value. i would appreciate any help.
  9. Bean Counter

    Solve for X Website

    Google is launching it's new website "Solve for X" today. it's new home for global innovations. www.techcrunch.com
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    Cucumbers..Bananas...going to far

    Muslim Clerics are now saying that their women should not be allowed to handle cucumbers and bananas because they will promote forbidden sexual thoughts. They also included zuchinni and carrots. Apparently they should be sliced and diced by the men folk. As a side note....should the men be...
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    I've been debating whether to order the Onkyo SE-300 PCIE 7.1 channel Digital Audio Board Sound Card from a company called www.smartimports.net that's based in Japan. I would appreciate any and all suggestions my fellow Hardware Canuckers can give me as I've never ordered from abroad. Is this a...
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    Thanksgiving Plans 2011

    .....here it is...another year passed and Thanksgiving Day has rolled around again. In the grand scheme of things i'm sure all of you will agree that here in Canada we have a lot to be thankful for..comparitively speaking. what will you be doing on "turkey day"? also i would like to wish all HWC...
  13. Bean Counter

    Gamers Crack Puzzle Stumping Scientists

    In just 3 weeks, online gamers deciphered the structure of a retrovirus protien that has stumped scientists for over a decade and this opens the doors for a new AIDS drug design. The Foldit program at the University of Washington used their program of transforming problems of science into...
  14. Bean Counter

    Psyko Kryptons

    ......for anyone interested in acquiring a set of Psyko Kryptons...Psyko is having a fivenine event today starting at 9:00am. You can purchase a set of these cans for $99.99 today. The special starts at 9:00am. Just enter the code 99999. www. psykoaudio.com
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    Borderlands 2

    Since the Borderlands thread has been reserected by our resident addicts, i thought i'd start one for Borderlands 2. Post any news, opinions, updates etc. Eventually this can become the Borderlands 2 gameplay discussion thread.
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    IL 2 Cliffs of Dover Released

    ....for any combat flight simers out there...I just purchased the DVD this morning at EB Games. :thumb:
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    Square Root Day

    There are only 6 days each century when 3 consecutive odd numbers make up the date. The sequence started 01 03 05. They were followed by 03 05 07 and 05 07 09. There are 2 left. 09 11 13 and 11 13 15. Just to remind our neighbours to the south...in Canada we start the numerical sequence with...
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    Happy Canada Day

    .......wishing everyone Happy Canada Day. How are you celebrating it?:canadianwave:
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    Happy Easter

    For those of you observing this weekend....I wish you a Happy Easter. What plans do you have? Family Plans? Gaming? Shopping? Re-aquainting yourself with your pillow?
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    Donald Trump

    If you were.... or.... if you are an American citizen.....would you vote for Donald Trump for president?

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