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  1. S_G

    Free Swiftech H2O-120 Compact

    Take it. It's yours. Pick it up in Montreal, or simply pay the cost of shipping. Pretty sure this thing only fits LGA775, but, hell, just take it. I don't want it. Maybe you can make it fit a newer socket with some effort, I don't know, man, take it.
  2. S_G

    Want to Buy 2x LGA1366 HSF (even your stock ones)

    I need two identical LGA 1366 HSFs. I'm putting together a dual-socket Xeon system for my brother, but I don't have heatsinks for it. I'm looking for 2 cheap and identical coolers. I'd love the stock Intel Extreme Edition ones, or other aftermarket ones, but I'll even settle for the standard...
  3. S_G

    Want to Buy WTB El Cheapo DDR2 (even 512MB)

    Ahoy. Located in Montreal, so someone around here would be preferred, but I'll take shipping as well. Speed is irrelevant. I just need a stick of DDR2 of at least 512MB. The cheapest stick shipped to downtown Montreal wins! Go! :thumb:
  4. S_G

    Want to Sell 2x Quad Xeons, X7DWA-N, FBDIMMs, water, case, 8800 ultra, HT Omega Striker, Atom 230

    Pictures will be up within 24 hours! I promise, just in a rush right now. I'm clearing out all of my stuff! I don't know how much a lot of this is actually WORTH now, so please feel free to shoot me any offer you wish. Entertain me. I want cash, not looking for trades, sorry. I live in downtown...
  5. S_G

    Want to Buy Found

    Found the RAM I was looking for. :)
  6. S_G

    Monkey Island is BACK!

    Woo! Turns out they've made and released a new sequel to the series, called Tales of Monkey Island, a five-part adventure of episodic content. Episode one is apparently available for order now! And to make things even better, they're releasing the original game again: The Secret of Monkey...
  7. S_G

    Want to Buy WTB Video card for kid brother

    My kid brother (I use this term out of habit; he's taller than I am nowadays) needs a video card. He's running on integrated video, which only runs his usual games (Left 4 Dead and TF2) at 10-25 FPS. So, I'm looking to get a card. Max $60, preferably around $40 or less. I have preference for...
  8. S_G

    Want to Buy WTB PCIe GPU (Considering 8800 GTX / Ultra, 9800, GTX series or newer cards)

    Basically, looking for 8800 GTX, 8800 Ultra, 9800 GTX, or anything more powerful. Willing to spend up to $140, I will cover the cost of shipping separately. I have preference for cards with more than 512MB vRAM, but no less than 512. Located in Montreal, so I have preference for local sellers...
  9. S_G

    Octo-core = kaput.

    My system died today. It crashed in, of all things, Notepad++. I was writing some code and it just locked up. Held the power button and it beeped as it shut off, indicating a problem. Tried to turn it back on, it powered itself off with a single beep after about 3 seconds. Waited a few minutes...
  10. S_G

    $15 db-1 pumps!

    $15 db-1 pumps, and other cheap water cooling parts on eBay. I came across this by accident. Pretty sweet deal! It's US$15 + US$11 for shipping. Comes out to about CA$30.50 total. Compact 12v Pump - (eBay.ca item 110387092541 end time 17-May-09 12:34:38 EDT) Neat, this same guy has 220mm rads...
  11. S_G

    Orange Box (HL2+E1+E2+LC, TF2, Portal) for $9.99 on Steam!

    Credit goes to The Cake is a Lie on RFD. Looks like The Orange Box from Valve is on sale this weekend for US$9.99 on Steam. Package: The Orange Box Crazy good deal!
  12. S_G

    Have any of you ever run in a marathon before?

    Just curious. If you do or did, where and what was your finish time, and how'd you like it? I only restarted running as an exercise a few weeks ago, I haven't actually run this consistently since back when I was in school. I forgot how good it was, so I think I'm going to run in the Marathon de...
  13. S_G

    Want to Sell Free, pay for shipping: Kingwin 92mm direct touch heatsink (but there's a catch!)

    It's one of these: NCIX.com - Buy Kingwin RVT-9225 Direct Touch 3 Heatpipe Heatsink AM2 LGA775 S754 S939 S940 W/ 92MM PWM Fan - RVT-9225 In Canada. I've had two of these sitting in my closet for months. I probably won't use it. So, allow me to spread the joy to one of my fellow HWCers...
  14. S_G

    Want to Sell 2.67GHz Octo-core, 24GB FB-DIMM, Supermicro system; 640GB HDD; TF7150 HDMI mobo

    Okay, I've had my fun with it (using a 16GB RAM disk is f-ing awesome), but I really need to scale back now. Business has been slow, and I'm also in the process of getting ready to make a big switch in careers. This computer will be useless to me in that career, especially considering I won't...
  15. S_G

    Want to Sell FS: 640GB HDD, TF7150 motherboard

    moved http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/buy-sell-trade/16886-2-67ghz-octo-core-24gb-fb-dimm-supermicro-system-640gb-hdd-tf7150-hdmi-mobo.html#post179198
  16. S_G

    I present to you my Kossio-Technia ATH-pro1

    Posted this at HF, but I figured I'd share it with the people who got me into the damn modding business in the first place. I know, they look ridiculous, but it was fun (and surprisingly expensive, due to my constant mistakes) to do this. :haha: Ingredients: One Audio-Technica ATH-M2X housing...
  17. S_G

    Anyone see anything wrong with this setup?

    I'm looking to handle two separate loops via a single fillport. I'm wondering if this is the correct method, or if there is a simpler way of going about it. Any ideas? Hmm, while writing this, I noticed the stupid idea of putting a fillport on top of the case with a radiator at an even higher...
  18. S_G

    It's finally here. Apple releases dual-socket Nehalem Mac Pro.

    Apple - Mac Pro - The fastest and most powerful Mac ever. Very happy to finally see a dual-processor Nehalem product on the market. Only a few more weeks, and then we can finally buy those precious dual-socket mobos ourselves. :punk:
  19. S_G

    The Happy Thread

    Everybody's always complaining. Here's something to brighten up your morning. :thumb: YouTube - The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup Just post something that puts a smile on your face any time you see it.
  20. S_G

    Newegg Shell Shocker: HighPoint RocketRAID 2640X4 with Seagate 7200.12 500GB for $193

    Newegg.ca - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more! It's pretty much like getting the RAID controller at regular price and you get a free Seagate 7200.11 500GB, which I believe is a single-platter drive. Any opinions about the controller?

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