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  1. Silent_Avenger

    ASRock a solid board company?

    Well I'm starting to gather parts for a home server and I' having a hard time finding the perfect motherboard. For some reason I just hate a blue on black color scheme(blue on white looks fine though o.O) anyways I think I've found my perfect motherboard however it's made by a company I've never...
  2. Silent_Avenger

    Want to Sell Cougar CMX700 and iPod nano 16GB

    All items are in good working order and do not come with warranty. I do have venture one so shipping rates will be slightly lower(M5A 2S1). EMT or cash(in person sales) only. First up is this Cougar CMX700 semi-modular psu lightly used but needed to upgrade to something with a little more...
  3. Silent_Avenger

    Price Check: 16GB iPod nano 5th gen

    Just wanted to see what would be a fair price for a cougar cmx 700w psu. Currently the psu retails at newegg for $119.99. Also I seem to have lost the receipt in my last move(probably got faded anyways) other than that everything comes with the psu. rather than make a new thread I'll edit this...
  4. Silent_Avenger

    Looking for a good wireless smart repeater

    Well I believe what I'm looking for is a wireless smart repeater. Here's what I'm basically trying to do. I currently own 3 desktops and one laptop (will be getting network printer and home server in the near future). I won't be able to run a wire into my room for reasons obvious in another...
  5. Silent_Avenger

    Looking for a place that will replace cat6 end

    Well it seems while I was away for the weekend one of the other tenants in the house has cut the end off of my 50ft cat 6 cable(house modem is in shared area) and it seems no one wants to fess up to it(I think I will be moving out in the near future because of this). So rather than throw out the...
  6. Silent_Avenger

    Any fans out there with reverse airflow?

    It's as the title states I'm looking for a fan with reverse air flow and no I do not want to just turn the fan around. The purpose of this is for looks and my computer always sits on the floor and it's very easy to see the top fans through the mesh and they don't look all that good with the...
  7. Silent_Avenger

    Razer BlackWidow Ultimate & Imperator are they good?

    So in the next coming weeks I'm thinking of upgrading my current mouse and keyboard which are the Logitech Illuminated keyboard and G500 mouse. I really like both and have had them for over 2 years and they're starting to show their wear. I'm thinking of getting the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate and...
  8. Silent_Avenger

    When getting a domain name which is better?

    So my uncle is thinking of starting up his charter and hunting business again. It's very popular via word of mouth and he wants to get a proper domain name for his website. So my question is when having the option of the ending of the url which would be better .ca or .com? I've suggested to him...
  9. Silent_Avenger

    Want to Sell [SOLD] Philips 244E 24" LCD monitor

    First off I'm not shipping this monitor and I prefer in person cash sales anyways. This means I'm only able to deliver within the TTC footprint however you're more than welcome to pick up as well. I'm located downtown Toronto close to Dundas & Sherbourne. I've recently bought 2 matching monitors...
  10. Silent_Avenger

    Thoughts on Raid 1 config?

    So sometime during the summer hopefully depending on prices of SSDs and HDDs I will be upgrading the storage on my main PC. Currently I have a 300GB caviar black as my main OS drive, a 250GB caviar black for PVR duties, and a 1.5TB Green drive for storage of my important files etc. What I'm...
  11. Silent_Avenger

    Price check 1100T or 1090T

    So a friend of mine is looking to upgrade his athlon to a 6 core. However the 1100T and 1090T are no longer available at most retail stores. So what would he be looking at price wise to get a used one of these?
  12. Silent_Avenger

    Argon shielding gas?

    So during the summer I will hopefully be making a VESA mount for my 2 monitor setup(I don't feel like paying the $200ish for one:thumb:). The only problem is I need Argon gas for clean welds(haven't decided if I'm going aluminum or steel). So does anyone here know a place that sells cylinders of...
  13. Silent_Avenger

    Price Check: Philips 244E Monitor

    So I'll hopefully be buying a set of monitors early next month. So I plan on keeping my very old LG monitor since I don't want to burden anyone with a monitor that might fail. However my Philips 244E monitor is still fairly young only having it about a year. So I to see how much it's worth...
  14. Silent_Avenger

    Monitor hiss?

    So my one old monitor which is an LG Flatron L222WT started hissing(kinda like the sound a gas stove top makes when it's on but not lit) about a week ago. The hiss only happens when the monitor is powered on and stops once I hit the power button to turn it off. I haven't noticed any flickering...
  15. Silent_Avenger

    Suggestions for mATX AM3 board

    So I'm currently saving up for upgrading one of my folding systems and I'm looking for a board for it. I has to be mATX form factor and it must be a good overclocker as well. I prefer it to be an AM3 or AM3+ board since I have a family member who will give me a good deal on his old x6 proc. Any...
  16. Silent_Avenger

    Will a network switch work for this?

    So right now I have 4 computers in my room 3 desktops and a laptop and I only have access to wireless internet since I rent. So right now I have my desktop sharing internet with my one folding machine and my laptop sharing internet with my other folding machine. Only problem is that when I need...
  17. Silent_Avenger

    Problems with Corsair Stock fans?

    So I yanked the stock corsair fans off my H100 so I can replace them with some CM turbine masters in push pull with my CM excaliburs. When I finally looked closer I noticed a ring of oil on the inner housing of the fan(on both fans). Last I had this happen was on a Scythe fan and it died...
  18. Silent_Avenger

    High quality custom stickers?

    So I'm trying to find a company that makes some high quality stickers. Basically I would like to make my own case badges but can't seem to find company that makes them because I'm google impaired today for some reason. Can anyone make a suggestion?
  19. Silent_Avenger

    Work in progress Leftovers build for folding

    So I've got some leftover parts after upgrading my main pc so I've decided to build a smp folding rig. I'm basically trying to do this as cheap as possible although I will have to spend some money at some point. Parts Motherboard: MSI 970A-G45 CPU: Phenom II x4 955 stock cooler RAM: G.Skill...
  20. Silent_Avenger

    Windows 8 Dev preview?

    Just a quick question how long does this evaluation copy of windows 8 last? I'm guessing it's until win 8 is released but just making sure it isn't shorter. I'm using it atm for a folding rig and it works great so long as I can use it for a few more months.

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