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    Quality essential android apps

    I think its about time we compiled a list of quality android apps. All these mobile markets boast bazillions of apps in their libraries which is complete BULLsit. 99.9999991% of the apps are complete trash or outright spyware disguised as something "pretty". The search feature in these...
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    laptop security software

    I'm looking for a piece of software that I can install on a laptop that will start "Before" windows, need a password to get through that I can assign a timed password on. For example. If i was to give you this laptop with a temporary password that will last x number of days it'll work for x...
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    Completed The Lounge.

    This thread will be the work log of a computer that I finished about a month ago. I do a lot of builds, and a lot of custom builds, but this is the first build i've done that I thought was sufficiently different from the rest to warrant a build log. The Inspiration for this build came from the...
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    whats a good auto start program

    i need a program that will autmatically start a chosen program, even if its been manually shut down. for example, if i was to close my browser, this program would detect it and automatically restart the browser. anyone know of such a thing?
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    99% isopropyl alcohol

    Anyone know where i can find a gallon of this stuff in canada? Haz mat fees from the states are crazy.
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    what is your internet speed.

    Lots of threads lately that have posts stating user's internet speeds, all of em much higher than what i get! So now i want to know what the average person here is getting for internet and what it actually costs. Myself, I'm with telus have just TWO DAYS AGO upgraded to telus's brand new in my...
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    eyefinity ...

    So i finally got my active displayport adapter in the mail... This might take a bit of background. I'm working on a build for someone that is waiting for a xfx 5970 with eyefinity. The G card is super backordered so i pulled my 5870 and installed it so I could at least get the computer...
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    price compare link?

    is it just me or is the price compare link kinda... missing?
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    Who owns the digital rights to a game's screenshot?

    I was showing some folks a few screenshots i took from my flight sim the other day and they exclaimed "wow those are so nice, what would you charge me for a print of one of those?" so i got to thinkin with all this digital rights bs out there today, who owns the digital rights to a screenshot...
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    ATTN: Greenthumbs

    I'm having problems with my tree. Its starting to die on me and I've tried so many things to bring it back and it just doesnt seem to be responding It started dieing and I caught my cat chewing on the leaves, so i moved it so the cat cant get at it, and it hasnt helped. I packed in some...
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    direct canada shipping options

    I'm buying with direct canada for the first time in oooooo 30 seconds or so, and i notice they only have ground shipping options... am i missing something or is it really like that? EDIT: ok, im reading in lots of places on their website that it provides air shipping, but i'm still only...
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    I'm so proud of my mother!

    A couple years ago I finally got my technophobe mother online. She mostly just hits up social networking sites and Email to keep up with friends and family in NS, but in the last year or so she's been addicted to shopping on Ebay and Kijiji. Now due to her complete newbiness online I was a...
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    mushkin website down

    I tried to get on the mushkin website yesterday and this morning, its down. Anyone know how long its been down, or why?
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    Vista replacement DVD.

    I've lost my retail vista 32 bit dvd and i was wondering if and where i could go to have a replacement sent back to me. No I'm not looking for a pirate version. I know damn good an well where to get those if i did. This day and age with the way DRM is going, the actual "media" is useless...
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    Big Valley Jamboree

    Is there anyone here that is going to this? Home - BigValleyJamboree.com
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    Reverse descrimination.

    Supreme Court rules for white firefighters - White House- msnbc.com Now this is something you sure dont see every day. Good for them, if i had a dollar for every time i was descriminated against because i was a young white male... Hope the justice system steps up an takes notice of this.
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    An open letter to the "forum police"

    Can it.
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    need to control cat's shedding habits

    Hi guys, i need some advice. my cat is driving me insane with all the fur. my poor computers have to get cleaned out at least once a month or they'll be goin poot. Short of shaving the little critter, whats the best way to get mass amounts of loose hair off a cat in the shortest amount of...
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    DRM thought.

    I've got a fella here who wants some old LPs transfered to cd. He asked me to find him a machine that he could buy that would help him copy his lp from his player to a computer to burn to cd. This fella knows absolutely nothing about computers or the internet, so i told him that it would be...
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    rebuilding my hard drive

    So tonight my cousin comes over with his hard drive in hand, he's got some pictures of a car show i wanted (an he doesnt have a flash drive of all things...) I've got a BlackX external hard drive mounting unit (you can swap out drives on the fly) so i tell him to find the power cord for it (...

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