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  1. MorePower

    PoE switch type for IP cameras?

    I'm going to be installing 5 cameras around my home to use with the Synology Surveillance Station but I'm not sure what type of PoE switch to get. From the attachment this is how I would like it set up. I have everything in that image connected except the PoE switch and cameras. PC2 is currently...
  2. MorePower

    What VPN do you use?

    If you use a VPN, what is considered to be really good in Canada?
  3. MorePower

    GpuFanHelper.exe has stopped working in Reliability Monitor

    Every time I boot my PC and view the Reliability Monitor I see that GpuFanHelper has stopped working. I know this is part of the Asus AI Suite 3 but what is causing this? Here is what I always see. Faulting Application Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AI Suite III\DIP4\GpuFanHelper.exe...
  4. MorePower

    Strange shurdown then no power

    Yesterday I was shutting down my PC and all of a sudden everything powered off meaning no status LEDs on motherboard or on GPU. I tried to start it up again but nothing happened. I unplugged the power supply and tried again but nothing. All this happened after I was using my new Corsair RGB...
  5. MorePower

    Safe to purchase the 2080 Ti now?

    Have the issues with the dying cards been resolved and would it be safe to buy now?
  6. MorePower

    Strange chassis fan behavior

    My 4 chassis fans are connected to the Phanteks Evolv X fan hub. On the hub the first fan pin connector detects the RPMs of all the fans connected to it. This first fan spins at a different speed. This behavior goes away if I go into fan Xpert and run them at full speed then back to standard...
  7. MorePower

    How to turn off LiveDash OLED?

    When I shutdown the PC the LiveDash OLED stays on and keeps going through its animation. I didn't see anything in the software or BIOS to tell it to turn off. I have the Maximus XI Extreme. Maybe I missed something. Any ideas?
  8. MorePower

    LG 34GK950G-B Availability in Canada

    Anyone know when and where the LG 34GK950G-B will be available here in Canada? Even LG's site doesn't show any locations but in the US you can pick one up at Walmart. Its kind of ridiculous :doh:
  9. MorePower

    Gallery i9 9900K + Evolv X build

    Case - Phanteks Evolv X PSU - Seasonic Prime Ultra 850W Titanium Motherboard - ASUS ROG Maximus XI Extreme CPU - Intel i9 9900K GPU - ASUS Strix 2080 Ti OC AIO - ASUS ROG Ryuo 240 Memory - G.Skill TridentZ RGB 32GB NVMe M.2 - Samsung 970 Pro 512GB SSDs - Samsung 860 Pro 1TB x 2 Fans -...
  10. MorePower

    Ordering motherboard online

    Hey guys I never ordered a motherboard online before. I always purchased at local shops and had a chance to look it over but the one I need now is not in stock near me. So my question, is it safe to have a motherboard delivered? Has anyone ever had issues with it coming damaged from shipping?
  11. MorePower

    Phanteks Evolv Flow Edition by Caseking

    Does anyone know if Caseking ships to Canada? I'm interested in their Phanteks Evolv Flow Edition. I haven't seen any other modding site in the US or Canada that offers customization panels like this.
  12. MorePower

    LG 24MP88HV-S

    Anyone use the LG 24MP88HV-S? How is the image quality? I seen some unboxing videos and it does looks really good with the thin bezels but the stand is a bit wobbly. I'm looking for something around $300-$350. Any other recommendations? LG 24 Class Full HD IPS LED Monitor (23.8 Diagonal) | LG...
  13. MorePower

    Installing Windows on new SSD

    I've been having some trouble installing windows on my new SSD. When Windows was installing and it was time to select the unallocated drive (I only have the SSD installed) There is a message near the bottom saying Windows cannot be installed to this disk. Why did this show up? I did make sure...
  14. MorePower

    New HTPC Build

    I will be building my HTPC this weekend. Here is a group shot of all the goods. The system is a bit overkill I think but I don't mind. I'll definitely use it for gaming also.
  15. MorePower

    CPU cooler for Lian Li PC-C60 HTPC case

    I'm building an HTPC. I'm just having trouble picking out a CPU cooler. I'm using a ASUS P9X79 Deluxe board with the PC-C60 case. So far this is what I've been deciding on... Phanteks PH-TC14CS - I don't think this will fit with the top fan. Both fans - 140.5mm (H) and Single bottom fan -112mm...
  16. MorePower

    Media Player Hub

    I'm looking at purchasing a media player. I was looking at the WD TV Live Hub and just wanted to ask if anyone here uses such a device. Also what other similar devices are popular that support a large assortment of files and can be networked?
  17. MorePower

    Intel WiDi or Veebeam VB002

    Which one of these wireless display technologies is better? I know that for WiDi you need a laptop that supports Intel's wireless display technology but for the Veebeam it uses a usb stick and I think you can use any video card your laptop has. But as far as performance I don't know.
  18. MorePower

    Vista and Windows 7 Sharing

    I have some issues sharing file/folder between Vista and Win 7 via wifi. I need to move some folders from my Vista PC to my Windows 7 laptop. I can see the networked PC's but if I try to access the Vista PC from the laptop it asked me for a password and vise versa. I don't have any passwords...
  19. MorePower

    HDMI Cables in Canada

    I'm looking at purchasing some HDMI cables. What do you guys use? I was thinking of going with Rocketfish or Philips. I did notice on some brands it says 120Hz refresh rate or 240Hz. My HDTV is 240Hz (Sony Bravia HX929). So do I need to get a set of cables that match my TV? I know about...
  20. MorePower

    Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit with Power Receptacle

    I'm looking for a TV wall mounting cable organizer with power receptacle. The receptacle would need to be recessed. I would like to find decora style inserts like in the images I attached. Anyone use something like this on their home theater setup and know where to get it. I know Leviton is big...

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