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    Not sure which - model it is but I was thinking of selling it as it doesn't get used much if at all. paid 2200. 1070 with 16 gigs of ram 17 7700hq processor. 256 gig sata as well as a 1tb hdd. Msi apache pro laptop with steelseries rgb keyboard. Like new as I have a fully functioning...
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    When I bought my strix within 2 weeks the 1080 was announced. I thought I was going to be more upset due to the fact it was a little cheaper as well as performed better. But this car has given me no grief and exceptional performance.
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    i7 6800k + Asus X99-A II combo

    I sent you a PM Sol. I am new to participating so I am not sure how the roll over on the messages and whatnot are.
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    I personally have the 4970k. You cannot get a decent overclock on a small form 6 core processor unless you have some serious cooling. Haswell you are going to look to delid although I never have with mine and I have had no issues. If you are just going for gaming I have spent many hours...
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    AMD FX8350, Sabertooth, DDR3 16GB, 1000W PSU

    I would say 450- 500 for everything would be perfect for a new gamers starter rig
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    i7 6800k + Asus X99-A II combo

    Saw someone unload a combo like a a few hours back for 275.

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