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  1. jtf2

    Increase monitor refresh rate-icons gone

    I have been playing around with my new 34 inch alienware,loving it btw!! When i increase the refresh rate from 100-105 even,the screen resets and the icons on the desktop have dissapeared Of course the taskbar resizes smaller but that i can fix do i need to somehow lock the icons in place on...
  2. jtf2

    Adding 2nd m2ssd on pcie card messes windows boot manager

    Hi.Hoping i can lay this issue out clearly board is an asus hero viii i7 6700k gskill 2x 8 gig pc3200 ram gtx 1080 ti win10 pro presently on a 256 gig samsung 950 pro,want to clone to a bigger 500 gig samsung 970 evo plus using samsung data migration software within windows 970 card is...
  3. jtf2

    EVGA gtx780 Kingpin

    Hi All. idea`s on a fair price for this card?.Has installed atm an ek nickel plated block,also have all the original air cooling parts-minus some of the thermal pads i think? thanks
  4. jtf2

    new gpu install-post code62

    okay thought i would start a new post to cover this new issue as i posted previously 1080 gtx installed into other pcie slot on asus hero viii moved pcie connectors from 780gtx to the 1080 display port and hdmi plugged into 1080 it starts booting process card lights up but no screen display...
  5. jtf2

    Gpu install on 2nd pcie slot-temporary purpose

    Just arrived a used evga 1080 ti gtx ftw3,upgrading from a 780 gtx classified!! gpu is watercooled,waiting now on arrival of an ek block for the 1080 I want to temporarily test out the 1080 in my sytem,while still leaving the 780 card in the waterloop i would install the 1080- in the 8 lane...
  6. jtf2

    keyboard not working with webmail??

    this is really strange and i have never seen this till now. this happens with,yahoo or gmail and either on firefox or chrome. i sign in fine with keyboard,click on contacts to bring up who i want to send message to and nothing happens when pressing keyboard i cannot even manually type in the...
  7. jtf2

    anyone fluent in farsi language here!!

    if so i would really like some help translating a small note given to me today at work,by a coworker thanks
  8. jtf2

    evga gtx580 1.5gb & waterblock

    looking for thoughts on a fair asking price for an evga 580gtx 1.5gb,that has an aquacomputer nickel plated block installed. thanks
  9. jtf2

    Want to Buy EVGA 580GTX 3gb

    please lmk if you are wanting to sell one of these cards thanks
  10. jtf2

    3 pin fan connectors in place of 4 pin molex?

    i presently use a couple sunbeam 4 port mini bay bus adapters to route wiring that end in molex connectors. #1 holds say 1 6 channel fan controller,and a couple other 12 volt molex connectors #2 holds 2x pumps and a couple 12 volt molex connectors. i have found these new little wiring...
  11. jtf2

    Price check on qnap ts201 nas

    QNAP Systems, Inc. ( TS-201 ) - Quality Network Appliance Provider i have 2x 500 gig seagates in it right now. curious what a fair price to be asking for this with or without the drives would be thanks
  12. jtf2

    win7pro install?

    hello. somehow my fresh install was borked.reinstalled os os drive is a 60 gig ssd,with programs installed on another drive. how do i go about getting the new install to recognize all the programs i have installed on the other drive? thanks
  13. jtf2

    580gtx 1.5gb vs 3 gb

    i had posted elsewhre here about waterblocks fitting the 3gb version. my ac kickel plated block arrived a while back,now it is card purchasing time. i game on a 24in monitor,no interest in sli. besides the obvious more ram,is there any other benefits for gaming,or is that extra ram intended for...
  14. jtf2

    gtx580 3gb model

    will waterblocks-made for the 1.5gb cards work on the 3gb model of cards as well ? thanks
  15. jtf2

    windows7 sp1 install folder size?

    i was checking my c cdrive out,and i saw the install folder for the service pack. its size is approx 4.4 gigs:shok: is that normal or what thanks
  16. jtf2

    sabnzb usenet software and a nas?

    hi to all. trying to direct downloads with sabnzb to go to my nas-a qnap ts201 os is win7 64 bit i believe i am using the proper syntax for the path which is this \\NAS1963\Qdownload it however does not recognize this and just default saves to its folder in my docs any users here who could...
  17. jtf2

    soundcard upgrade?

    hello. i am presently using an auzentech prelude card,using a digital output from an onkyo 5.1 receiver,with a 5.1 system,which is a mix n match soundstage sub,with 2 jamo bookshelp speakers,and 2 onkyo speakers-left from the 7.1 system that i use for home use. quite happy with the setup,but am...
  18. jtf2

    steam install on different drive

    hello all. is there any way to change the default folder when installing steam games?. i want to use a wd vrap300 for games and apps,and just use my oczv2 for the os thanks
  19. jtf2

    ocz ssd v2 fw update before os install??

    i have seen guides on how to update fw within windows on ocz website,can you update the fw off a usb stick before install is done on a fresh drive? thanks
  20. jtf2

    hard mount from cpu to chipset block

    quick ?,what are the exact bitspower fittings used in this pic,that is from sidwewinders computers thanks

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