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  1. Il Duce

    My day with Sony Customer Reps(warning offensive content)

    24. Let me guess you're going to tell me you were buying Sony products before I was born? In that case.... I'll hang up, Sir.
  2. Il Duce

    My day with Sony Customer Reps(warning offensive content)

    You have a legitimate beef against sony :|.
  3. Il Duce

    My day with Sony Customer Reps(warning offensive content)

    He hung up because you were rude and heading toward the "I'm a consumer and I'm always right" argument. Also pursuing the "I'm a consumer and I'm always right" argument would achieve nothing for both parties.
  4. Il Duce

    Hardware Canucks Gaming Group

    I'm already in the HWC steam group but here's my info: Steam:[BRO]TripeTriple BF2BC:tripestripes We should arrange a group chat on steam. who knows we could do some funny strategies like RPG7 everything XD.
  5. Il Duce

    Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Thanks for the tip I've been having trouble taking those pesky choppers. Also every game feels like this if you use an m60 lol (skip to 18seconds): YouTube - Commando: Arnold Kills Them All
  6. Il Duce

    Rants etc.....

    TTC why must you do this to me when I need you the most?
  7. Il Duce

    Your BFBC2 Name?

    Tripestripes was playing with headsh0t and Cmetaphor earlier in the evening. I think I was the only one using my RPG-7 against people lol.
  8. Il Duce

    Steam and Prepaid Credit Cards?

    There's a thread on Redflagdeals about a coupon code you could use to get 20 bucks off the digital and physical copy on the EA store. Not sure if it still works though but it comes up to less than 40 if you get the digital from them with the coupon code.
  9. Il Duce

    Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Not sure if this helps but you could try this config guide.
  10. Il Duce

    The Pacific on HBO. Anyone else going to watch it?

    Was expecting a different kind of action oh well.
  11. Il Duce

    Battlefield BadCompany 2 Steam 4 Pack

    Same except I purchased a physical copy. -$20 dollars off is still a good deal even if the additional -$10 is not available. The digital download discount expired yesterday if anyone is wondering. I paid around $42 for it after tax, shipping and handling. Much better than paying 54.99+tax...
  12. Il Duce

    Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Gee I wonder why lol.
  13. Il Duce

    Hot Babes~Pretty Ladies Thread <56K Beware>

    Not bad for someone that's 37 years old.
  14. Il Duce

    Newegg Ships Counterfeit Intel Core i7 920 CPUs

    I wonder how'd this slip through?
  15. Il Duce

    Telecommunications Competition

    I'd switch to wind but I'm waiting for more towers.
  16. Il Duce

    Rants etc.....

    All of a sudden I feel cold.
  17. Il Duce

    Lockerz Invites and more

    Isn't advertising this stuff against the forum rules?
  18. Il Duce

    Lowballers are frustrating and then funny!

    Should've offered the seller macaroni art and 1000 monopoly dollars.
  19. Il Duce

    Mass Effect 2

    I made a mistake by making her my fire team leader. Moridin died...