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    Noctua NH-U12P Mounted on an Angle

    Looking at a Store Installed Noctua NH-U12P CPU cooler on my new build I noted it was mounted on an Angle. By that I mean the back side (Towards the RAM Modules) was lower than the Exhaust Side (Towards the Rear Fan) so the whole cooler appears to tilt upwards towards the back of the case. All...
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    First AMD Build

    I'm looking at the following configuration to replace my Q6600 (see Sig), I like to Game and also play a lot of computer chess/Analysis so I'm sold on Multi Core, I would be interested in thoughts i.e. any bad choices or any better ones, thanks :) Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition...
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    Champions Online Opinions

    So far I'm having a blast with this game played the very end of open Beta, the Head Start and through Launch. The games Launch had a few issues i.e. a controversial patch (I had no issue with this) and some down time overall however I thought Cryptic handled it well and they seem to be jumping...