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  1. p3t3rson

    mSATA Enclosures

    I am looking to purchase a mSATA enclosure to use instead of a USB flash drive. I am currently looking at 2 products. A MyDigitalSSD enclosure that uses a UASP controller or a ZTC Sky Board enclosure that uses a JMicron controller. I intend to use a Crucial M500 mSATA 500GB SSD in the...
  2. p3t3rson

    Server CPU requirements (Intel)

    So after being a dedicated MAC guy for a few years now I have decided to build a home server. The main purpose of the server will be ripping Blu-Ray disc as well as storage of the movies, photos and general documents. I plan on running Windows Server Essentials 2012 as an operating system and...
  3. p3t3rson

    Air Rifle suggestions

    Does anyone around here have a experience with air rifles (not airsoft)? And must be less that 500 fps. I have been hunting for 16 years but have never used an air rifle and my son is asking for one for christmas. Any brand suggestions?
  4. p3t3rson

    Camera len suggestions

    So I inherited a Canon camera that accepts Canon lens. So before I spend the extra money to upgrade to a new DSLR I want to buy the some lens first to experiment with. So my question is, what lens should I start with?
  5. p3t3rson

    USB3.0 not working

    So I picked up a Lacie USB3.0 external drive on sale at NCIX.com to use with my ASUS Rampage III Extreme for the odd files transfer and such. However, when I plug the Lacie drive into the onboard USB3.0 ports I get a message saying to connect the drive to a usb 3.0 speed port for faster file...
  6. p3t3rson

    iMac Screen problem

    I know this is a long shot but I figured it can't hurt to ask. So one of my staff members has a 2005 iMac G5 17" with a defective screen. When you turn on the computer you here the Apple chime but the screen doesn't display (see pic). Now the kid doesn't have any money but is a really hard...
  7. p3t3rson

    Uninstalling a program on a Mac

    So forgive the dumb question but I am new to the Apple world. I had Parallels installed on my Mac Book Pro. Now within Parallels I had Windows 7 installed and Office 2010. I uninstalled Parallels by simply dragging the Parallels application icon into the trash bin but when I look at my hard...
  8. p3t3rson

    Help using Mirsoft Office 2010 on Mac

    So I am now using my macbook pro for work. All of my colleges use outlook on their PC's for email but most importantly we all co-ordinate our meetings using the calender in outlook. Now when I send a meeting request using outlook 2010 on my mac the appointment does not show in my outlook...
  9. p3t3rson

    Router Upgrade Suggestions

    So I have a Linksys WRT610N dual band router and I have someone dying to buy it off me. So now its a great time for me to upgrade, but whats the best router these days?
  10. p3t3rson

    Want to Sell p3t3rson closet clearout! More items and More Price Drops

    Everything is sold to the first person to pay. I do not eat, sleep and breath HWC so if I take day or so to respond to your pm's please forgive me. I have a crazy busy work and home schedule. Everything is in good working order but of course is sold "as is". I prefer EMT but will accept PayPal...
  11. p3t3rson

    Yellow squares when gaming

    So I just started using steam with my newly purchased HD5970. While playing Battlefield Bad Company for the first time, after about an hour I start getting yellow squares on the screen then a few minutes later the game exits back to the steam menu. I have tried turning all my overclocks to...
  12. p3t3rson

    XBMC/Network help

    Started using XMBC for the first time. I have my mkv movies stored on my WHS. My HTPC is in my theatre room connected to my WHS using wireless-N. After installing XBMC it see's my mkv folder on my WHS. However it only recognizes one mpeg-4 movie thats in that folder. The remaining mkv...
  13. p3t3rson

    Scanning Photos

    I am looking to get my family's old photos professionally scanned and imported onto disc/hard drive for archiving. What dpi rating should I be looking for? I don't care about the price, just want the best quality.
  14. p3t3rson

    HTPC Keyboard/Mouse suggestions?

    I am currently using the Lenovo Multimedia PALM-SIZED Mini Wireless Keyboard and Track Ball Mouse 2.4GHZ 10M USB Remote for my HTPC and so far it kinda sucks. No backlighting, distance sucks and poor layout for Shift, Caps, Delete and Backspace buttons. Anyone with suggestions with something...
  15. p3t3rson

    HTC EVO 4G

    Was planning to get the iPhone 4G to replace my 3G but I stumbled upon some info last week about the HTC EVO 4G and I like. Does anyone know if/when its coming to Canada and with which carrier?
  16. p3t3rson

    Want to Sell Popcorn Hour A-200 like new!

    I have a Popcorn Hour A-200 for sale. Unit is like new, still the protective plastic still the unit. Bought from NCIX a few months ago to replace my HTPC but I missed my HTPC and have decide to go back. Only used the A-200 to watch a few movies and thats about it. All accessories and...
  17. p3t3rson

    Is my old camera worth anything?

    Ok camera guys, I recently upgrade my daily camera from a Fuji FinePix S700 To the Canon G11. Is my Fuji S700 worth anything to sell? Here is a link with specs: FinePix S700
  18. p3t3rson

    Want to Buy Patriot Viper Xtreme 4GB 2x2GB DDR3 2000mhz PC3-16000

    So I know this is a long shot but I am looking for Patriot Viper Xtreme 4GB 2x2GB DDR3 2000mhz PC3-16000 in great condition (as it will be a gift). Not interested in any other RAM at this time, just this specific set to match up with another pair. Please PM me your offers.
  19. p3t3rson

    XBMC wifi

    I am installing XBMC for the first time for my i7 920 HTPC. I am using a wireless N network adapter card for a wifi connection. I don't want to have to run cat 5 if I don't have to. But I be damned if I can figure out how to set up a wireless card in XBMC:doh: Can anyone explain to me how to...
  20. p3t3rson

    Min i7 920 OC to get bigadv bonus?

    Hey guys, I am thinking of moving my i7 920 folding rig into my LC17B HTPC. However, I don't have a low profile HSF for the CPU that will fit in my LC17B case. So until I find one I will be forced to use the stock HSF. If I run the stock 2.66 will I qualify for the bigadv bonus? If not, what...