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    Queue capacity.

    I've given the forum a brief search for some info and can't find any I'm loking for, so I'm hoping one of you ladies and gents may have it. From the instant the queue.dat file is empty until it overflows or is closed to prevent that, how long a time it that? Or, perhaps better put, how many...
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    One rig down

    I rig down, 10K PPD loss. No big deal for PPD loss but it pisses me off because I know its something I installed during a time when I wasn't mentally suited. Wrong mode I guess ya might call it. Tried some troubleshooting tonight but a family matter far exceeds folding in importance to me...
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    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

    Folers and non folder alike, Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thought that would be appropriate along with this. Just landed 3 of these mofos - bery bery nice Project : 5765 Core : GPUv2 Gromacs Frames : 100 Credit : 353 -- Rig 3 GPU -- Min. Time / Frame : 36s - 8472.00 ppd Avg. Time...
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    Let us all pray

    For no more equipment failures the rest of this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way To Fold
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    Down until next weekend

    I'll be shutting our little farm down for the week wife and will be gone. I really wanted to leave it up, and had planned for a few people from work to come out and check up on it daily but safety swayed me the other way. Sorry fellas. Fold yer arses off like ya always do and we'll see ya next...
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    Old Fart Brad checkin in here. Just letting y'all know I'm still alive, still folding everything I have ballz to the wall 24/7. Wife and I are off for a couple weeks. I lost my right leg just above the right ankle last year (or was it early this year) and the damn stump is always causing...
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    Christmas Lighting Costs

    Hot tip!! How to save on Christmas Lighting Costs!! The guy on the right has the right idea LOL
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    First mil done.... onward

    Old fart here checking in to say that I'm proud to have I just passed my first 1 million points for HWC last night sometime early this morning. Onward as usual, everything working normally, ballz to the wall. Still just 30k a day, but the wife's rig is coming along just fine and should add...
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    Temporarily suspending folding

    Moving day has finally arrived. Folding is suspended until move is complete and other related matters are resolved. It shouldn't take long. Brad
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    New [email protected] Trick?

    New [email protected] Trick? Or old coot's blindness? Ok folks, please bear with me for a minute or two and let me try to explain this. Was fiddle-fart'n around early this morning and found that if I simply closed the WU data section of the [email protected] display, then stretched it out horizontally. Then...
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    Hi gang. The new rig I'm going to build for my wife and folding will have a i7-950 processor on a gigabyte board running Solaris unix with 24 gigs of memory. Does anyone have any experience with overclocking this beast on this board?? OR, even just experience with the cpu itself in terms of...