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  1. botat29

    Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition Chroma

    Is that a good keyboard ? my son want I order one for him. What will be a btter option
  2. botat29

    Nvidia generic card

    Hi , I have a memory blank, how we call the generic card manufactured by Nvidia before the manufacturer like Asus or Evga resigned a new board for it.
  3. botat29

    Want to Sell Routers and WC parts

    One ENGTX 560 DirectCU II SOLD Koolance 360 $ 40 shipped XSPC reservoir with 4 plates $ 20 shipped EK bay reservoir, 40 shipped RV082 Dual WAN router, $ 65 shipped LynkSys WRT54 GL with tomato already install , $ 35 shipped Please note that my Desjardins bank don't have...
  4. botat29

    North Korea Launch a new mislile today

    Don't start to build your bunker yet. https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-cnD5-0QN8as/UV6E7U2s3YI/AAAAAAAAawI/0yd9iaLEjxk/w497-h373/nkmissile%2Btest.gif
  5. botat29

    Want to Buy Looking for a 1155 i5-k

    I'm looking for a socket 1155 i5 serie K, if you have one, PM me
  6. botat29

    Corsair fault, was WD can't build HD anymore

    EDIT; was not the drives the problem order 4 x 2TB black in retail box, 1 fail last week, the drive WD send me back from Advance RMA is DOA with a huge amount of bad sector, today a second one crap , SInce 2 to 3 years I RMA 7 WD drives , wtf here the pic
  7. botat29

    Question about Seagate RMA

    Just as information, did Seagate offer Advance RMA like WD do ? EDIT , can delete I found the information, thanks
  8. botat29

    3dmark license

    if I purchase few /dmark stuff, can I use it to test all my PCs at home or I need 1 licence per PC ?
  9. botat29

    Malwarebytes and MSE

    Is it ok to run both at same time or just run Malwarebytes Scan time to time ?
  10. botat29

    Intel Raid 1 experience

    What is your experiences with Raid 1 setup on Motherboard Intel Raid ? I'm not talking about performance but more if you run into issues with time.
  11. botat29

    Cisco sell Linksys to Belkin

    what a sad news Cisco to sell Linksys to Belkin, will exit home networking market | Ars Technica
  12. botat29

    Want to Buy I need a Crosshair V ( not Z)

    I need a crosshair V in very good condition, with or without a CPU, so it's a good chance if you want to upgrade to the Z.
  13. botat29

    Best WS for Adobe Creative Cloud

    I just subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, I'm very existed and I really enjoy it even if I'm new to this kind of stuff. I will of course work on website, create my own drawings but make few video too. I already purchase a ASUS P9X79 WS and a matching i7-3930K. It.s about my first experience with...
  14. botat29

    Photo to Cartoon

    I would like to know the best ( free if possible) software or web to make a photo to cartoon and if possible do it in transparency
  15. botat29

    Microsoft Silicon Valley offices raided with only iPads stolen

    Lol even for free some peoples don't want Microsoft products. " The thieves made away with five iPads worth more than $3,000 (£1,865) from Microsoft's research and development centre in Mountain View, California, over Christmas. Microsoft's flagship collection of smartphones and tablet...
  16. botat29

    SSD question

    Well I have try many combination of SSD, including Intel RST cashing, this time I order an Intel 120 GB series 520 and I wonder with a 5 years warranty if I really have to do the tweaking like disable the indexing and place the page files on another drive. Since I use VMware WS I prefer have a...
  17. botat29

    Want to Buy 2 X GPU with Water Block

    I'm looking for 2 GPU with water block, whatever the model, it's just for a display, good time to sale your old GPU, but they have to run well. the 2 GPU as to be the same model with the same block , I don't want to spend more than $ 200 on it.
  18. botat29

    Android Jelly Beans more Windows than Microsoft Windows 8

    If you are unfortunate enough to purchase a Windows 8 Phone , you will discover very fast that you can't use windows anymore. With Android Jellybeans, you can pop up an application in a window, re size it, and place it where you want, here an example of S Note open when using the Google Apps...
  19. botat29

    Some body else as problem with Sympatico

    This Bell will make me turn crazy, it's 3 times I call them, since 2 week I lost my internet connection time to time, it's seems related with their DNS servers. I must not be the only one to have this problem ? My Teksavvy work great, but I need this Sympatico too as I have to many purchase and...
  20. botat29

    iPhone 16, 32 or 64 GB

    I want to order a iPhone 5 and I don't thing I need 64 GB, I don't have iTune and when I travel I use my Sony a550 camera. is the 16 gb enough ?