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  1. mrlie3

    Strange Problem with Power Supply & Power Cord, HELP!

    Haha okay I'll do it this week for sure. Thanks for the help!
  2. mrlie3

    Strange Problem with Power Supply & Power Cord, HELP!

    Do you recommend any power supply for 500+ watts? Also, I believe my antec sonata III computer case is ATX mid tower, so do I have to buy power supply with same size?
  3. mrlie3

    Strange Problem with Power Supply & Power Cord, HELP!

    Hey all, I got this 4 years old rig with upgraded components except motherboard, dvd drive, HDD, and Power supply. I have no problem using this computer except that sometimes the computer just won't turn on, usually in the morning. Well it's been like that for last couple years and now it won't...
  4. mrlie3

    My SEP11.5 AV Program Keep Catching Same Trojan.Gen.2

    My Symantec Endpoint Protection continues to catch this file, APQ4BF4.tmp, on every startup. I tried scanning the entire computer and found no malwares, yet this thing continues to pop up. What can I do to completely remove this Trojan.Gen.2 file? Here is the HiJackThis log; Logfile of Trend...
  5. mrlie3

    GeForce GTS 250 Roundup Comment Thread

    Thx IRQ. I guess you are suggesting I should get Radeon HD4870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 one instead of Geforce 250GTS? Is it compatible with EVGA NForce 650i Ultra motherboard?
  6. mrlie3

    GeForce GTS 250 Roundup Comment Thread

    Nowdays most mid-level video cards are 256 bit... I know mine (8800GTS 320bit) is worse than GTS 250, but I wonder if switching to higher RAM and lower bit is the right way to upgrade. Perhaps I should wait for 512 bit cards to go down in price?
  7. mrlie3

    Starcraft II battle report 2

    Man, I upgraded my comp in 2007 cuz of Starcraft 2 announcement. Now I gotta upgrade one more time so I can be ready for 2009 graphics... :( Please come out this year!!!
  8. mrlie3

    Programs That Choke Your Chicken

    Free Norton AV from Rogers Yahoo Hispeed Internet... It's impossible to erase this program. =(
  9. mrlie3

    Newegg CANADA? Looks like....

    Hurray! Now I wish Newegg would have its headquarter to be located in Ontario (*cough*NCIX*cough*) so I can buy sweet new hardwares at cheap prices FAST! Another good thing is that NCIX will now have a direct major competitor, which is good for the customers... right? :whistle:
  10. mrlie3

    Diablo 3 : What we know so far

    I can't believe Deckard Cain is still alive after 20 years lol. Shouln't he be like 120 years old by now?
  11. mrlie3

    Game recomendations?

    Civilization 4 with Beyond the Sword Expansion (It will get you addicted) Company of Heroes with Opposing Fronts Expansion (Amazing experience...) Portal (Just try them out.. hehe) Half-Life 2 with Episode 1 and 2 Expansion (You'll be surprised how real a game can be) *Buy the Orange Box for...
  12. mrlie3

    Help me chose a *Flat TV*!

    I've heard many reviews praising for Sharp's quality TVs, but was noted that they had very limited tilt and swivel angles. So I think it's good for wall-mount, but so so for above-the-cabinet.
  13. mrlie3

    How do I manually disable DirectDraw?

    Does EmulationOnly work with Windows Vista Business? The website only mentioned that it works for 95 to XP, but did not mention about Vista.
  14. mrlie3

    File sharing over two Vistas? How?

    Looks like nobody likes Vista here. :sad:
  15. mrlie3

    How do I manually disable DirectDraw?

    My laptop has Intel Mobile 965 Express Chipset with 3100 GMA graphic card. Apparently this graphic driver does not allow users to disable DirectDraw (neither through dxdiag nor advanced display setting), but I need to disable it!! Does anyone know any other way to bypass this and disable...
  16. mrlie3

    File sharing over two Vistas? How?

    Okay here's the situation: my desktop has Windows Vista Home Premium with a LINKSYS Wireless G router that is working perfectly, while my laptop has Windows Vista Business connected to this router. How do I make a shared folder in my laptop so my desktop can share them over the network? I've...
  17. mrlie3

    Eee-like mini laptop? What else is there?

    I heard MSI and Acer is planning to introduce Intel's Atom-processor based UMPC, but that's all I know so far. Anybody knows an exact date of availability and specs&prices? I need a new laptop and Asus' Eee 900 seems good enough but I think it's bit expensive for the specs... ($549 US) I could...
  18. mrlie3

    Asus Eee 8.9" Notebook Coming Soon

    O geez... I was thinking of getting 4g one but now I gotta wait and see 8/9" ones... lol I heard Acer is going for ultra-mobile laptop eh? Wonder how good that one will be.
  19. mrlie3

    Samsung YP-S5 Review Comment Thread

    That was one heck of a great review! I would definitely buy one when Samsung makes newer model with wall charger :)
  20. mrlie3

    DirectX 10.1? What about 10.0?

    All I know is that Microsoft is planning to introduce Windows Vista SP1 on early 2008 with DirectX 10.1. They have been saying that DX10 video cards will be compatible with 10.1, but I don't know to what extension. Can anyone tell me what is really going to happen 10.0 video cards like my...