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    Windows 8 Pro at $ 69 ....

    I just did the $39.00 Windows 8 Pro upgrade from Microsoft over my Windows 7 HP Install, paid an extra few bucks for the DVD so it came to around $55.00, seemed like a pretty good upgrade price for a change. Install went great Now windows 8 is another matter :)
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    Whats your latest purchase?

    Just bought a bottle of Blanton's Original Single Barrel Bourbon..... I was going to be on the Computer as I drink it :)
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    Hyper 212 cooler leans and board bends.

    In similar situations I've used some small Plastic Tie Straps to help take some of the load
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    Need game recommendation for stone age system.

    Heroes of Might and Magic III
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    Android Tablets, What one do you have? why do you like/hate it?

    Sony Tablet S here, so far I really like it, nice screen, remote control app, integration with Sony reader etc.. Some of the built in Apps have problems reading from an additional SD Card
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    Whats your take on the 7970's reviewed performance?

    Excellent job on the 7970 IMHO, if I didn't already have 2 x 6970's I'd get one, as it is there's no reason for me to upgrade at this point.
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    Best E-reader in Canada

    I have a Sony E-Reader PRS-650 and love it, 147 Books on it so far and ton's of room, excellent screen.
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    What AntiSpyware Program Do You Use?

    All though Microsoft Security Essentials is excellent software I still use MallWareBytes and NOD 32 for now
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    Holiday Gift Suggestions?

    A mechanical Keyboard is a good suggestion
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    6970 vs 570 vs 580?

    I agree, my 2 x 6970's Rock although there is some truth to AMD lagging a bit with driver fixes for new Games they do finally get there. Now Temp wise assuming your case is well ventilated etc.. they all run fairly close. I'm not sure if there really is such a thing as Overkill with GPU's :) so...
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    Processing info in NCIX

    You can always call them or send an e-mail as they're usually very helpful and probably would not mind giving you an update.
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    First Computer Build Help Linus

    As far as AMD Builds go it's pretty solid although I'd try for a 990FX unit. The GTX 560 Ti 448 or GTX 570 might be better if you can swing it (Or AMD 6970/6950 if you swing that way) the second drive is a good suggestion (1TB Units are pretty cheap).
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    Just got an android phone, but what are some must have apps?

    Some I like.... Opera Mobile ColorNote WiFi File Explorer Netflix (If you subscribe) QuickOffice (Or Documents to Go) for Office users PowerAmp
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    How does NCIX Ship things?

    NCIX did a build for me a year or so ago, they did a very good job, all wires were neatly routed and Tied of with Black Ties. The Case was well packed and the inside of the case was also packed to protect the components so you'll need to open the case and remove packing upon receipt. All of the...
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    Anyone play PC version MW3?

    I'm finding it okay, I think Black-Ops is a better game and the line of crap on dedicated servers is pissing me off, still basically peer to peer with some provision for dedicated servers. Battlefield 3 kicks it's ass
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    Windows 8 = Convergence

    I think I'll hold on to Windows 7 for a while yet, I'm also concerned about some of the Choices in Windows 8. I'll wait till it's out and have another look at it then.
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    Battlefield 3 HWC Community Server details and discussion

    Server added to favourites, applied to Join Platoon Damn... This game Rocks, how am I ever going to finish Rage and HOMM VI now :(
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    Film : RAGE - Road Survival

    That was fun to watch, I'm playing through Rage too and liking it so far.
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    HD 6970 + Dedicated GT 430 Hybrid Physx Mini Review

    Cool, that's interesting to see as I've been thinking about trying something similar. When you come to a final conclusion as to if it's worth it update the post, I'm interested in your opinion on the matter.
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    William Shatner goes metal

    Taken with a sense of humour it's okay, I'd assume thats the spirit it was intended

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