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  1. Il Duce

    Do we have an official Fundraiser/Charity computers for kids?

    I remember a forum member that posted his offer here to gather parts to build PCs' for kids. I just recently started cleaning my storage and found: 8800gts, Radeon 3870, old Athlon 2000. So I thought I might offer these to this individual or a charity that specializes in this.
  2. Il Duce

    wrist rests?

    On a keyboard of course i've never used one and was wondering if they're just a gimmick that does nothing?
  3. Il Duce

    New Source mod getting released today

    NEOTOKYO° mod for Half-Life 2 - Mod DB Anyone been following this? YouTube - neotokyo recon demo looks like a free r6 vegas in tokyo lol
  4. Il Duce

    Shock and awe in a 30 sec commercial

    YouTube - Vista SP2 Installation Commercial :(
  5. Il Duce

    You guys still play call of duty 4?

    I just got it... Just hate how It's taking a while to rank up. I want an AK :(. If you guys know any servers for newplayers let me know because I'm getting destroyed -_-.
  6. Il Duce

    fps/part combo database?

    Just wondering if it is possible to create a chart where all forum users can contribute their fps/settings from their PCs for current/recent titles. I believe it'd be great for users who just want to upgrade for a certain game and know what type of performance to expect.
  7. Il Duce

    why best buy is great

    got a good laugh out of this
  8. Il Duce

    I need advice from pet owners

    Just wondering if there are any pet owners here? (More specifically Cats) Anyone have experience with purchasing/caring for kittens? How much is maintenance and care costs on average?
  9. Il Duce

    what's a good pci tuner/capture card for dscaler?

    I just wanna run consoles on my lcd monitor without the excessive ghosting during the heavy fighting. thanks
  10. Il Duce

    has anyone had any luck with craigslist?

    I tend to not get any serious buyers despite having pictures and an informative description. I get a lot of emails but never any real buyers :(.
  11. Il Duce

    logitech mx revolution 49.99 @ infonec

    Infonec Computers - Computer parts Canada, PC Components, laptop computers, motherboards, processors, CPUs and much more : Logitech MX Revolution - laser - RF - USB wireless receiver Quite a deal for something that has its' own LI rechargeable, wireless, and laser. Has a thumbscroll too. it's...
  12. Il Duce

    how many mice have you gone through?

    1.Logitech EX110 wireless keyboard/mouse combo. It's a shame how the mouse keeps jolting across the screen randomly after less than 12 months of use. New batteries and a duster didn't help. 2.A4tech X7 (aka OCZ gamer mice, Logitech MX400). Smooth performance but it keeps detecting my single...
  13. Il Duce

    Disk imaging software.

    I've decided to get a re-imaging software for a relatives pc since it's always infected with spyware and vundo. Since I'm not available at all times I've decided to get them a hd re-imaging software. Just wondering if "corrupted images" still plague norton ghost?
  14. Il Duce

    koodo mobile?

    Anyone using this carrier? How's the service?
  15. Il Duce

    Why this forum doesn't suck

    I don't have to flip through 5-9 pages of arguments over who's right about the rounded off framerates for a graphics card on crysis with ultra high details. Anandtech comment page... The users here aren't jerks and just give their opinion without feeling strongly offended by other users'...
  16. Il Duce

    local pc shop discussion

    Canadacomputers: I hate their prices but it's close to home. On my bottom list. Infonec: ok staff lots of "engrish", live stock never works, and way more considerate than canada computers. Fanspc: engrish fest. prices are between canadacomp and infonec. sometimes their stuff is more...
  17. Il Duce

    impulsive buying thread

    just blew 270 on a new Gigabyte 8800GTS (G92). damn you NCIX! Yes this topic was made because of my guilt :(.
  18. Il Duce

    wiimote as a mouse for pc?

    anyone tried it before?
  19. Il Duce

    your bad day?

    Stockpile of skits waiting for you after the snowstorm then got off work falling asleep on the bus and missing your stop... Got to finch station and luckily the bus driver was kind enough to wake me up. I had a pool of drool on my side arm too. When I arrived home I ended up tossing my...
  20. Il Duce

    Bios related but not really a problem

    I got a wolfdale... Unfortunately I don't have another s775 cpu because I used AMD before. Tried booting my hardware and a no go with my DFI T2RL board. I need a bios flash... I need someone within the GTA that is generous enough to lend me an old s775. Celerons or p4 ds whatever as long...

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