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  1. MrDiaz

    Weird audio problem

    I can't figure out for the life of me why all of a sudden I lost audio. I plug in my headset, the OS knows its connected and it even gives me feedback that audio is playing in Volume Control, however, no audio comes through the headsets. I've already tried 2 different headsets, and they both...
  2. MrDiaz

    Can't get fan to spin MSI 7970

    Hey folks, Just recently bought a MSI 7970, was pretty excited to do some gaming with it. I noticed every time I play a game for longer than 5 minutes, the system freezes. At first, I thought the issue was the drivers not being the latest, but as I was tweaking here and there... I noticed GPU-Z...
  3. MrDiaz

    Price check on full system

    Hey there, Thinking in selling my old system CPU: E6600 3.4GHz Board: Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L Cooler: Zalman (can't remember the model right now) RAM: 4GB OCZ Platinum 800MHz HDD: 128GB SSD Kingston + 1TB WD + 500GB WD Video: XFX Radeon HD 5870 Display: 22" Acer Case: Corsair 800D + 650W OCZ PSU...
  4. MrDiaz

    Want to Sell Selling a few things, getting rid of older inventory

    Hi folks, First time selling things (in HWC that is) If you have any questions regarding the items below, please do let me know 2x EVGA Motherboards (P/N: 122-CK-NF63-TR) - $50 each Specs here: http://www.evga.com/products/pdf/122-CK-NF63.pdf http://dl.dropbox.com/u/919254/Motherboards.JPG...
  5. MrDiaz

    New DELL display U2412M - Thoughts?

    For those of you that did not know... Dell just released a new 24" IPS display, the U2412M (16:10 btw) DELL Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24"W Monitor with HAS, 24.0 Inch VIS, Widescreen, VGA/ DVI/ DP : Computer Accessories and PC Components | Dell Canada Wondering if HWC will get a review soon? or...
  6. MrDiaz

    Recommend a 1155 motherboard

    Hi folks, Been a while since I've followed the latest motherboard revisions... specially with the Z68s and all that. I figure you guys would be more up-to date with this stuff. This is what I would be doing with it. - No SLI/Crossfire - I will be overlocking - USB3 - SATA III Been thinking...
  7. MrDiaz

    Dell P2411H or Dell U2311H?

    Hey folks, Thinking in buying another monitor sometime this week. I have a U2410 and love it, which is why in some way I believe the U2311 won't disappoint me. What do you think between the two models above? Also, have you guys seen the U2311 somewhere cheaper than $300? At Dell's website...
  8. MrDiaz

    Filtering & Controlling Home Network

    Hey guys, Recently I've been having arguments about internet use at home, basically I want to be able to tell who's been downloading what, using what (Bittorrent, http downloads, sizes, bandwidth use, etc) Most of the solutions I know are for Enterprise use and they all come in Firewalls or...
  9. MrDiaz

    Best buy releases price listing

    Please God let this not be true! AppleInsider | Apple partner Best Buy listing 5 new MacBook Pro SKUs and price points They kept the same price points for the Notebooks! And here I was hoping for their insanely high prices to go down with the new refresh :( Guess I'm gonna have to wait...
  10. MrDiaz

    NCIX & Sandy Bridge

    You guys think NCIX will start selling Sandy CPUs starting tomorrow? They are going on sale globally on Jan 9th correct? I think I saw this date somewhere but can't recall, please do let me know. :)
  11. MrDiaz

    Updates on "Chart" page?

    Hey folks, Just wondering how often do you guys update the database CPU Benchmarks - HardwareCanucks Charts Been wanting to make some comparisons for a while now :thumb:
  12. MrDiaz

    OCZ Agility 60GB $119 @ NewEgg

    50% off, only for today Free shipping Newegg.com - OCZ Agility Series OCZSSD2-1AGT60G 2.5" 60GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
  13. MrDiaz

    Seagate 1TB Drive $49.97 @ TigerDirect

    There is a $30 mail in rebate. Unfortunately there can only be a max of 1 order per customer/household/billing Link: Buy the Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB HD OEM at TigerDirect.ca
  14. MrDiaz

    Need Clarification

    Hi all, Quick question: Can DDR3 Dual Channel Memory run in Triple Channel mode if installed in a proper board? From findings today I can see that it does. 1: Can I Use 2x1Gb DDR3 Sticks In Dual Channel From a Triple Channel 3x1Gb Kit? - HEXUS.community discussion forums Now this is how I...
  15. MrDiaz

    Crashes with the Radeon 5870

    Hi folks, So I received yesterday afternoon my new Radeon 5870. I cleaned up my old drivers using Driver Sweeper to make sure I didn't leave any traces behind from my old nVidia 8800GTS. I installed the newest drivers from XFX site directly, rebooted the computer. Everything seems quite fine...
  16. MrDiaz

    Giving away 10% off coupon on Battlefield BC 2

    As title says It came with the purchase of my 5870. If you want it, post below and I'll email you or PM the coupon code. If multiple people want the coupon, I'll create a small "random" draw and select the winner.
  17. MrDiaz

    Ultimate Watercooling Round-Up

    Afternoon Canada! I was just pretty bored, looking at watercooling setups, galleries, worklogs, reviews, etc... By the time I finished I think I went through more than 15 websites. So I wonder, any way you guys can dedicate some of your time to put this together? It could look like...
  18. MrDiaz

    Looking for DVD Cases

    Heya, I just bough 2x 100 pack Blank DVDs and I hate to use those skinny sleeves to keep my DVDs in. I wanted to buy empty cases to put them in and build a "small" collection of Documentaries, Games, etc etc... Looking for something like this: DVD 9MM SLIM (1-Disc) Single Disc Black Case...
  19. MrDiaz

    Looking for a sound card

    Heya, Any recommendations for a good sound card? Been looking at a few but there aren't many reviews out there for this type of thing. I'm looking in terms of gaming sound cards, music maybe, but no intention of home theatre or things like that. Option 1: Buy the Creative Labs Sound Blaster...
  20. MrDiaz

    Should I buy additional fans?

    Hi everyone, I just bought the Obsidian 800D case, it's on its way to my home, probably going to arrive on tuesday or so due to holidays. Anyway... to my question: Should I buy additional fans for this case? I am eventually moving to WC in a few months time (probably in the fall) but for now I...

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