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  1. Bubbzilla

    Using Faster Native RAM Speed on 7th, 8th Gen Intel

    I have a couple of PCs with 7th Gen and 8th Gen Intel CPUs. My understanding is that they natively support 2400 MHz and 2666 MHz RAM respectively. One has an i7-7700 CPU with a MSI Z270-A Pro motherboard and 2x8gb 2400 MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM. The other has an i3-8100 with a Gigabyte...
  2. Bubbzilla

    Workstation on a Budget

    Hello, I'm working with a university student group that's designing a Cube Satellite and we'd like to buy a cheap but powerful computer to run simulation and CAD software like SolidWorks, etc. Our budget is pretty tight as it is so we'd like to spend as little money as possible. I've looked...
  3. Bubbzilla

    Searching for a Powerful Touch Screen Laptop

    I've been searching hard for a powerful, durable laptop with a touch screen and good battery life. My school work requires a lot of processing power and I need to find a laptop that's powerful enough that the processor wont overheat and deteriorate. Ideally I want something like the Sony Flip or...
  4. Bubbzilla

    Should I buy a Sony Flip?

    I'm looking to replace my three year old 13" Sony VPCSB laptop with a new one. My biggest reason for doing this is speed. It has 4GB of RAM, and a 2.3GHz i5-2410M CPU. The ATI graphics card is toast so it uses the on-chip Intel GPU. My school work requires a lot of simulations on MATLAB and...
  5. Bubbzilla

    $1500 Gaming Biuld

    So I'm trying to build a new rig. It is to be an all around powerful machine that will run any game pretty well as well as good for AutoCAD and Solidworks and that kind of stuff. My budget is just over $1500 CAD for the tower alone. I want to try to make it as silent as possible and eliminate...
  6. Bubbzilla

    Need laptop for uni

    Hello! I need to get a laptop this summer for my first year at university in computer engineering. I'm not really sure where to start looking so i hope i can get some advice. My budget is between $2000-2500. I want something pretty modest sized. like, 13", maybe 15" max. Most important is...
  7. Bubbzilla

    quick question about i7 920

    i am very new to overcloaking and havnt really tried it before except on an old P3. I want to OC my rig, just for fun, so i got it so its running at just under 3.4 gHz and the ram is at its rated speed of 1600mHz. im running Prime95 right now and the temp is around 80C Is this to hot? If not...
  8. Bubbzilla

    Low budget ~500$ biuld

    ( is in canada ) Hello. Im helping a friend biuld a new pc. He is in res at university and money is tight so he wants to find the cheapest solution. He wants something that can play most games with decent graphics. He already has a computer with Pentium E5300 cpu. He would need new ram, a new...
  9. Bubbzilla

    Best graphics card for ~100$

    Hello. I was wondering what the best graphics card is that available for around 100$. Also, would a 500w PSU be able to run it? Also, what is a good set of ram ( 4gb for 2 slots DDR2 667 ) thats decently priced? Thnx
  10. Bubbzilla

    Windows 7 Upgrade... Worst idea ive ever had

    Hello. I decided to upgrade my 64-bit Vista Premium to Windows 7 (same kind) Stupidly without doing any research i used the upgrade feature. Even more stupidly, I didn't back any of my game saves. ( all the important stuff is on a different hard drive ) It got most of the way... I think. But...
  11. Bubbzilla

    ~$2700 Gaming rig

    HI. Im helping a friend build a gaming rig. His budget is about $2700. He want to be able to play all the newer games in max settings (or as close to max as possible), as well as some of the older classics like crisis at 1920 x 1200 res. As for overclocking, he wants something that could safely...
  12. Bubbzilla

    Turns off when installing XP

    Computer from hell A friend of mine asked me to reformat the harddrive in his computer. Heres the specs: AMD 64 Athlon 1.5gb of ram (in 2 x 256mb and 2 x 512mb) 160gb IDE HDD onboard graphics and a 288W PSU Ive spent the last 10 hours trying to get it to work. and i havnt gotten very far. At...
  13. Bubbzilla

    monitor has some issues

    I have a Samsung SyncMaster 275T Plus. It is massive and beatiful, but it has a problem. When the monitor is taken out of standby, by the computer, it shows a bunch of rainbow lines. I can fix it by turning the monitor off and on, but as i spent $800 on this beast, it should work flawlessly. Its...
  14. Bubbzilla

    RAID headache

    I have 2 old 500 gb harddrives and I want to use them to get my feet wet with raiding. I think I underestand the idea behind raid, but I have no idea hoe to actually make it work. I read the chapter on raid in my mobo manual, and followed the steps, but when I was done, it turned on, filled up...
  15. Bubbzilla


    I got a new kick @$$ gaming comp in the summer. It works great but I cant help but want more. My old comp was a dell and the harddrive crashed. So i got a new one. A seagate 7200.11 500gb which works great. But, as it is still a p4 dell, it a piece of $hit. So why waste a perfectly good...
  16. Bubbzilla

    Evil headset

    Ive had a couple of head sey in the past, and the mic always breaks after a few months. But this time is different. I got what seems to be a well biult mic, and its never had a problem till now. Ive used it before on this comp. I have it plugged into the front jack, and the Vista audio thingy...
  17. Bubbzilla

    retail cd key with oem windows XP

    I have a windows xp disc, but the cd key is used up. I have at least 2 more cd keys, but they are retail and wont work with the oem disc. I heard that there is a way to override this. Is this true? If so, how is it done?
  18. Bubbzilla

    Mix-match GPUs

    I got a snazy computer last july with the GTX 275. I bought a monster Samsung 275T moniter and decided to keep my 17" dell moniter but have it in portrait becide it. (27" is still an inch taller). But now I want to plug in my TV. I did get it working but id rather not have to unplug my second...
  19. Bubbzilla

    GTX 275 Cooler

    I recently got a new gaming computer. It works great, and the CPU stays at good temps. But, the graphics card gets really hot. Like 85C. Its a GTX 275. I also want to get another one on boxing day. So, my question is, is there any coolers that work with the 275, and will allow 2 of them to be in...
  20. Bubbzilla

    Monitor problem

    I just got a bran new 27 inch monitor in late July. It is beautiful and worth every penny, but it has a problem. When I turn off the computer it goes on standby like it should. But when i turn the comp back on, the monitor starts with a bunch of multi colored lines. It started doing it every so...

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