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  1. Rollergold

    Corsair Unleashes Vengeance Extreme, the World's Fastest Rated PC Memory Kits

    – New Corsair Vengeance Extreme Memory Kits, The World's First Rated at 3000MHz – Corsair Unleashes Vengeance Extreme, the World's Fastest Rated PC Memory Kits :shok:
  2. Rollergold

    Completed Yet another HAF 932 Water Cooling Build

    This is not a build from the ground up per say. Its more of a transition from a AIO cpu cooler and stock video card air coolers to putting both the CPU and GPU's under a custom loop. This is also my first custom loop so go easy on me, still lots to learn.:thumb: Hardware: Cooler Master HAF 932...
  3. Rollergold

    Swiftech® to unveil new H220 all-in-one CPU cooler during CES 2013

    Rouchon Industries Inc., dba Swiftech is proud to announce the imminent release of the H220 CPU cooling kit, a new all-in-one liquid cooling system compatible with all current Intel and AMD desktop processors that will ship to consumers already pre-filled for plug-and-play operations. Setting...
  4. Rollergold

    Interesting 680 situation

    Got a couple of 680's in SLI and I decided to slap on the 3 way SLI bridge since the orange, floppy, 2 way bridge Asus includes just sticks out like a sore thumb but when I started up the machine again with the 2 way bridge the Nvidia control panel said "Connect the 2 SLI ready Graphics Cards...
  5. Rollergold

    Water Cooling Parts List + A Question

    Ordered or Already Owned: Case: HAF 932 (Already Own) CPU Block: Swifttech Apogee HD | Apogee HD - Rouchon Industries Inc., dba Swiftech - PC Liquid Cooling Systems CPU Cooler VGA Water Block Heatsink Pump Radiator Heat Exchanger Kit GPU Block(s): 2x XSPC Razor GTX680 Full Cover Water Block...
  6. Rollergold

    Powder Coat a HAF 932 or get a new case?

    I have system in a original gen HAF 932 and I plan on replacing the H100 and the stock coolers on my GTX 680's with a full custom loop this year. Going for a blue and black color scheme and I want the insides to match. So has anyone powder coated a 932 before? How difficult would that be ? And...
  7. Rollergold

    New Case or New PSU?

    Not sure if this question belongs here but anyway: System Specs: i7 950 @ stock speeds Sabertooth X58 Mobo 12 gigs of 1333 DDR3 Radeon HD 4870 (being replaced by a GTX 660Ti PE-OC from MSI on Xmas day) Antec True Power Trio 650 PSU (4 years old) Gigabyte 3D Aurora Case (Also 4 years old) Now...
  8. Rollergold

    Dedicated Vs Onboard (when using optical out)

    I currently use a Sound Blaster Recon 3D PCIe, its optical out port connected to an Astro Gaming MixAmp for my sounds needs. I used to use the onboard optical out of my (now dead) Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 mobo. Since that mobo died it's replacement did not have Dolby Digital Live support over its...
  9. Rollergold

    Replacement fans for a Corsair H100

    The stock fans work quite well on the H100, except in the noise department. Playing Battlefield 3 makes these fans sound like I'm running a sever, so I've been looking to replace them and I've heard good things from the likes of Sliverstone's Air Penetrator series, Scythe's Gentle Typhoon...
  10. Rollergold

    GTX 680 SLI and the HX850

    Given the my system specs and the estimated psu calculation would my 3 year old HX850 still be good enough to power an extra GTX 680 on top of everything else I have in my rig. I know the 680 is quite efficient and lots others say even a good 750 watt PSU is good enough for SLIed 680's but given...
  11. Rollergold

    360mm Rad Vs 240 + 120mm Rad & Reservoir Questions

    I'm currently running an X58 based machine in HAF 932 case and cooling the cpu with a Corsair H100. I'm planing on moving to X79/LGA-2011 next year and also moving on to a custom water cooling loop to cool the CPU. My first question is would a single 360mm rad do better over a 240 + 120mm rad...

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