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    GTX580 going price

    I have a EVGA GTX580 1.5Gb that I might be selling What would the going price be on these? It's never been over locked or water cooled
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    Want to Sell Oct 16 PRICE DROP.HeatKiller GTX570/580 Waterblock & red LED fans

    7 Oct 2012: OPEN TO REASONABLE OFFERS Want to sell my HEATKILLER GPU-X GTX570/580 waterblock Asking: 70$.60$. OCTOBER 16 PROCESS DROP: 50$ I also have 3x Phobya Nano-G I14 Silent Waterproof 1000rpm S7 RED L.E.D. 140mm fans Asking: 10$ ea NOW 8$ each
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    Watercooling fan control

    Hi, I'm planning on using 2 triple rads in my system Most fan controllers I've seen control up to 4 channels How do you get by this limitation?
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    Want to Sell sold. plz remove

    WTS 2 EK coolstream 420mm (3x140)mm rads 1 of them has a few slightly bent fins but overall excellent shape the other one which has 3 LED fans is in mint shape Looking for 100$ for the one without the fans or 125$ for the one with the 3 fans Accepting offers for trades agains 360 rad, 240 rad...
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    CPU Waterblock

    Im in the market for a CPU waterblock Im trying to choose between XSPC Raystorm and HEATKILLER CPU Kuhler Rev3.0 Which one would you recommend?
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    Want to Sell EVGA GTX 580

    Selling my EVGA GTX 580 1.5Gb Never overclocked. Asking 380$ shipped! Comes with everything (box, poster, SLI cable...) Specs 512 CUDA Cores 772 MHz GPU 1544MHz Shader Clock Memory 1536 MB, 384 bit 4008 MHz (effective) 192.4 GB/s Memory Bandwidth Interface PCI-E 2.0 16x DVI-I, DVI-I...
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    Mac OSX on PC

    I heard from a friend that you can install Mac OS X on a PC has anyone here done it?
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    Linsys router and Ethernet switch

    Hi, A friend asked for help setting up his connections. He has a Linksys ethernet 8 port switch and a cisco e3000 router. When I connect the modem to his ethernet switch, the internet works on the computers (2 of them) that are wired to it. But when I connect the switch to the router, the...
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    GTX 580 HDMI sound

    Hi, I have a GTX 580 from EVGA i connected it to my HDTV through HDMI but I cant get any sound. is there something i need to change in the settings?
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    controlling temperatures for watercooling

    I finished doing my build and now it is time to start my watercooling setup I need to watercoold my i7 2600k and EVGA GTX 580 I will need suggestions on parts to buy I have a Corsair 400r case, so I could mount a SLIM dual rad on the top and a single 120 rad in the back Which waterblocks do you...
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    How much could I load my corsair TX 750 V2

    Hi, I have a corsair TX 750 V2 PSU I currently run a Intel 2600k P8Z68-v gen3 mobo 2x4Gb of corsair vengeance 1600 Mhz ram EVGA GTX 580 A blue ray combo drive a crucial M4 SSD and a laptop toshiba 5400rpm hard drive I intend to watercool the CPU and graphics card will my PSU be enough to run a...
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    My new build!

    I just finished building my PC Got myself a ASUS P8Z68-v Gen 3 Intel i7 2600k Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz 8 Gb RAM EVGA GTX 580 Crucial M4 128Gb My windows experience index numbers are: Processor 7.7 RAM 7.9 Graphics 7.9 Primary HD: 7.9 Do these look normal? Is really the CPU the weakest link...
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    Installing windows 7 on SSD

    I just received my Crucial M4 128Gb today in the mail. I'm really excited to install it and make it my boot drive. I found the following instructions. Are they good enough? Is there something else I need to do or I shouldnt do? Thanks! The red posts are all you really need unless you are an...
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    GTX 570 vs 580 deal

    It's time to make my choice I will be gaming at 1080. I could either buy a EGGS GTX 5801.5 gb for 395$ Or A PNY GTX 570 1.28 gb for 270$ Whicj one Is the better deal ?
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    GTX 570 vs 2xGTX 560 Ti in SLI

    How would the performance of a single GTX 570 compare ti 2xGTX 560 Ti cards in SLI ? Thanks!
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    Need help with USB3 ports

    I just assembled my PC. Im using an ASUS P8Z68-v board. I have a Corsair Carbide 400R case that has 2 front USB 3 ports I connected my keyboard and mouse to these front USB 3 ports, while I had my USB flash drive in the back USB 2. I went to BIOS and had both the mouse and keyboard available...
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    Patriot Wildfire 120Gb

    Hi, What makes the patriot wildfire 120Gb about 100$ more expensive then other SF2200 120Gb SSDs? Thanks
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    PNY GTX 570

    Has anyone used the PNY GTX 570? How does it compare to ASUS?
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    Choice of SSD

    I want to buy an ~120Gb SSD. I want it to be fast and yet stable. My budget is around 200$ The more I read the more I get confused. Should I choose Sand Force or Marvell? My choices are OCZ Vertex 3, Corsair force 3, Corsair Performance 3 and Crucial M4 Which one would you recommend? Thanks!
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    Wireless card

    Not sure if this is the right pplace to post, but what are the advantages of having a USB dongle wireless card vs PCI-e card?

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