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    GPU upgrade for good old i7 920 D0

    Hi fellow canuckian, long time no see. My GTX 580 decided this morning to not waking up... ever again. Seems loading Win7 one more time was too much and decided to go to eternal sleep. Before kicking this one out of my rig, I'll try to go back to a previous driver, but I don't have big hopes...
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    Wireless bridge for desktop

    Hey guys, just a little heads up for me. I have a desktop without wi-fi connectivity. Can I use a wireless bridge to get wi-fi access? Basically; Wi-fi -> Wireless bridge -> wired ethernet -> Desktop Can that work? Any suggestions on hardware? Can you take a standard routeur and convert...
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    Video card burning??

    Hey guys! I was just playing COD6 and then... BOOM! my screen went down and I couldn't restart it. And then I smell a really weird smell, like if some plastic was burning... And I thought my screen burnt or my video card burnt... But here is the catch: the Acer I have won't power-up, but when I...
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    iTunes 9 Trackinfo

    Hey you guys using iTunes 9. Do you have any program that can edit the track info (artist, genre, title, etc) of your iTunes library without doing it manually?? :clap:
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    Want to Sell i7 920 Gaming Machine

    CHECK OUT MY ORGINAL THREAD: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/buy-sell-trade/17452-time-sell-great-stuff-lc0gs-thread.html :punk: -LC.
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    EXCEL help

    Hey guys! Maybe somebody can help me here. I want to ''compare'' (an ''if'') but with two cells in Excel. For example: Cell: Value: A1 20 A2 10 The thing I want to do is like the ''if'' founction in Excel: IF(a logic test, [true answer]...
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    Want to Sell Superb Core i7/Antec 1200 build

    Hey guys! Here what's for sale: 1) ANTEC 1200 gaming case SWIFTECH Apogee GTZ waterblock BLACK ICE Xtreme 2 X-Flow radiator LAING D5 water pump = 480CAD (without shipping) The Laing D5 is mounted on the bottom of the 5.25'' front drive bays. The X-Flow radiator has been mounted on the...
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    i7 920

    My core i7 920is failling prime95 blend test almost instantly... does this means I need more VTT?
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    SATA Controller

    When I enable the AHCI in my BIOS, windows bluescreen on me at load up :blarg:. This is weird... I only have a SATA HDD and a SATA DVD Drive... I want to enable it to get all the more performance, because I am now on the default IDE controller. Do you guys know what is causing this? Thanks a...
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    Acrylic side panel modding

    Just want to know where you guys buy your acrylic sheets. Preferably in Canada. Thanks a lot! LC.
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    Sleeving 24-pin ATX connector

    All right guys. First off, I just bough this tool NCIX.com - Buy Mod Smart Power Supply ATX Removal Tool for Removing 24 Pin ATX Connector Pins for PSU Sleeving - M-MINI-ATX2 In Canada. for sleeving my 24-pin ATX connector. However, this is a REAL pain. I can't get a single wire out of the...
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    Want to Buy Core i7 920, 2X120mm Radiator, MCP655

    GTX 275, GTX 280 Hello everyone! Time to buy some things :thumb:. I can also trade these items and some more cash: GTX 260, D-Link Xtreme N Adapter, Xigmatek HDTS-1283, Corsair's Famous 2GB @ CL4 and 800MHz Memory Kit. Please PM me for any questions/offers! I am looking for: GTX 280 ->...
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    Advice/comment on my watercooling loop

    Hi guys! I wanna jump into watercooling. Just wanna get some advice/comments about my loop. Also note that this loop must go into an Antec 1200. Here it is: Reservoir -> Pump -> CPU Block -> NB/SB -> MOSFETs -> Radiator -> reservoir core i7 920 EVGAX58 NB...
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    Want to Sell ALL SOLD THANKS!!!

    Hardware located in Montreal. Local meeting preferred. All prices exclude shipping. FOR SALE Intel i3-6100 CPU ... SOLD ASUS R9 280X ... SOLD XFX XXX Edition 850W Modular PSU ... SOLD XFX R9 285 GPU ... SOLD Sleeving tools ... FREE, local meeting only. SLI or XFIRE connectors ... FREE, local...

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