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    Want to Buy i7 6700k or 7700k

    Looking for a good deal on an i7 6700k or 7700k. I will probably sell my 6600k after the swap. Thanks. Motherboard used msi gaming m5 z170a PM or email [email protected]
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    Want to Buy Vega 64 ref card water block

    Looking for a good condition, AMD Vega 64 ref card water block. Cheers
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    Just can't update a fresh install of Windows 7-64

    Just can't update a fresh install of Windows 7-64. I upgraded my motherboard, cpu and memory. The W7-64 install went perfect but I'm stuck with 200+ security updates to do and it's always 'reverting changes' after a LONG download. Microsoft took control of my computer and tried to...
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    What to use and how to paint a PCB?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for something to paint a printed circuit board in black. I saw lowfat do it on a graphic card I believe but I can't find what product he used. The other question is is there a way to paint both sides of my IBM M1015 if I tape the chips and heatsink? I'm actually building a...
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    Want to Sell ATI 5870 (2x), Koolance VID-587 (2x) water blocks

    Hi everyone, I have 2x ATI 5870 and 2x Koolance water block for the 5870/5850 video card for your consideration. ->1x Sapphire 5870 video card, less than a year of use, stored in original box. Excellent condition. ->1x Dell 5870 (made by Asus I've been told), w/ the handle cut to fit in a...
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    Suggestion video card <400$ Best value

    Hi guys, I need a suggestion on a video card up to 400$. What would be the best ratio performance/$$$ these days? AMD/Nvidia I don't care. I presently have 2x ATI 5870. One of the 5870 still in the box, bought used but never installed w/ less than a year of use. Never happen to install them...
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    IBM M1015 sata controller

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about buying an IBM M1015 sata3 controller flashed to LSI 9240-8i to reach max speed of my Corsair force GT 120gb ssd. I'm stuck with the Marvell 9128 sata3 on my Asus Rampage III Extreme and don't really want to upgrade at this time. I like my computer beside that sata3...
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    Suggest me a black 5.25" front bezel with....

    I guys, I need suggestions for a 5.25" black front bezel with USB3.0 ports and HD activity LED. Something like the Lian Li BZ-U07B but with HD activity LED. I searched but came out empty handed. Thx for the help. :thumb:

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