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    Whats a new laptop with a broken lcd worth?

    Hey I bought a Lenovo g550 from NCIX but when I opened it up it had a cracked LCD so about the 25% of the left of the screen and a little bit of the bottom edge doesn't work but the rest works fine the laptop is bran new about a month old and NCIX has been very unhelpful with use of their...
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    looking for a laptop

    Hey so my old Toshiba A70 has died This laptop needs to be at least 15 inches (bigger is better) needs to have a dual core cpu at least 2GB of RAM, HDD size doesn't matter It CANNOT be an HP Cheaper is better It will be used by my old man for checking the stats on the football games and...
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    Problem booting freenas from USB

    Hey so I have freenas running pretty much the way I want to but every time I restart I lose my configuration. I have tried with two thumbdrives and I get the following: FreeBSD/i386 boot Default:0:fd(0,a)/boot/kernal/kernal boot: anyone have any ideas on whats wrong? at first I thought it...
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    Help freenas and ASUS o!play

    Hey I was wondering if anyone can help me configure my freenas to show up on my oplay? I am new to freenas but i think i understand the basics. its on my network because i can see the webgui on my pc but when i go to the O!play menu all I am able to see is all my desktop and laptop PC's except...
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    accidentally deleted saved passwords from firefox

    Hey so I'm a member of a certain extreme website that involves shareing (yes I know its a typo) In any case I deleted the passwords from firefox while clearing my cookies and don't remember my password for the site and apparently the site doesn't recognize my email address when I say i...
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    Want to Sell Artifacting HIS HD 4870 w/ Accelero Twin Turbo

    Hey so just a back story I originally bought it on July 9th, 08 then sent it back for RMA due to a coil whine on December 12th,08 Nothing was wrong with it but I found the stock cooler loud and decided to put on the Accelero Twin Turbo and voila artifacts I've tried redoing it a couple of times...
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    You know somethings wrong when....

    got this message :dots:
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    Checking intrest and requesting a price recommendation

    Right now I'm curious of how much this would be worth? Perfect condition might be missing the original bases but have the wall mounts. used for approx 2 months, then had to move out for renovations and no one in the family wants them anymore. no original packaging. Home Theatre - Wireless -...
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    Free 2 pack of HDMI cables (just pay shipping)

    1 Sale A Day, Daily Deal kinda a rip with the shipping but still a 6.5' HDMI cable for 3$ aint bad credit for the find goes to daytona on extremeoverclocking BTW only an hour and a half left
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    15% off at Reno Depot only today (May 16th,2009)

    as you walk in they'll give you a couple you get 15% off the item of your choice (max quantity 15) It's only one item but if you have more then one of that item then it applys up to 15 of them I.E. 2x4's Went in to purchase a shelving unit...it was a nice surprise:)
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    Where do you get lint free (microfiber) clothes?

    Where do you guys get microfiber clothes for cleaning up the TIM off of CPU's and heatsinks? I used to use ones that came with glasses but I have since ran out and am looking to pick up like a pack of 50 or something
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    [SOLD OUT] 10 pack verbatim DVD-R for 2.99$ @futureshop

    title says it all heres the link I picked up two...normally you see ~25$ per 100 so this is the same as 20$ per hundred which is fairly good especially locally for use Montrealers lol
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    Want to Sell Checking interest/value

    Hey I would be wondering who would be interested in a old PC I don't have full specs yet but it would go along the lines of 1.4ghz CPU 512mb of RAM also what would it be worth? I might have multiple available over the next couple weeks send me a Pm or leave a comment in this thread and I'll...
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    How can I make a HDD fail?

    not exactley as it sounds.... I got a 500GB HDD, my first seagate... and on system start up it clicks like mad and grinds a little bit.... also happens whenever it is forced to seek... I ran the HDtune test and it found 0 bad sectors.... if this HDD is going to fail I want it to fail within...
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    Delta vs. Seasonic

    Alright so I have everything ready for my folding/NAS rig...but the case I decided to cheap out on won't do that again) after failing at modding an old case I went to my local computer store... I bought a case for 39$ It came with a Delta 500w (550w max) PSU...it doesn't have a PCIE connector...
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    looking for some motherboard stand offs

    Hey guys alright so I'm throwing together a little NAS/folding rig and using a super old modded case....the only thing I forgot is....you guessed it...motherboard stand offs I need 1 regular brass motherboard stand off. and I don't know really what they are... but 3 of those silver spring...
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    RAM lovers rejoice!

    CORSAIR 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retail $67.78 even better there is free shipping.... oh wait also a 30$ MIR so 37.78+ tax for 4GB of RAM.... Newegg.ca - CORSAIR 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual...
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    decent deal on stand alone blue ray player

    So futureshop has a sharp blue ray player for 200$ but at bestbuy it's 400$ so you can get it for 180 links: Future Shop: TV & Video: Blu-ray Players: Sharp Blu-ray Disc Player (BD-HP20U) - Web Only TV & Video: Blu-ray, DVD Players & Video Recorders: Sharp Blu-ray Disc Player (BD-HP20U) |...
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    Nothing showing up on screen

    Hey, So I recently bought a used Abit IP35-E motherboard of a user from these forums. to check to make sure it's working I set it up outside of the case on a motherboard box. I'm using my parts from my main gaming rig Q6600 HD4870 4gb of Mushkin Ascents PC2-8500 PC P&C 750w silencer I hooked...
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    LF 8800GS, cheap quality PSU around 400W, any cheap C2D CPU

    I ended up buying everything from NCIX.com

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