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    Black or Green screen

    Hey So i got a new GPU about 4 months ago, and every 4 hours the screen of my computer goes into a green or black screen of which i have to restart my machine via the power button. This happens mostly when i play Minecraft, which i find unusual. Whats going on here? My GPU is the HIS Iceq...
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    Connection Problems

    So I was trying to connect to a Game Server last night that my friend was hosting, I could not connect, so we tryed another game; same result and another game; same result. So whats up here any game my friend hosts I cannot connect to, but other people can, werid eh? I can connect to my other...
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    Corrupt Windows Folder, Boot Error

    Hey, i was on my computer checking out my task manager then i got a pop-up "tskmgr.exe corrupt file, in C:/Windows/en-us" Basically it was telling me that the C:/Windows folder was corrupt then i checked the cskdsk.exe. I think its called anyway it told me there was corrupt sectors in my hard...
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    CPU 100%

    Every time i start up my computer now my CPU weridly jumps up to 80-100% of usage and just hangs there for a couple of minutes, I look in the task manager and there is no program that is taking that much usage. The CPU usually returns to normal after about 7 minutes. Whats up here? Also the...
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    HDD Start

    So i started my computer the morning and heard a ticking nose come out of it then the Windows boot manager came up i think my hard drive is going on me how could this be? I bought it like 4 months ago from NCIX. What should i do its still working as of now.
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    Moving to a new hard drive.

    Hi, since i got my new HDD working i am planing to use it as my main HDD and replace the smaller one but how do i do this? I am trying to move my Windows installed HDD to my new one without any reinstalling.
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    New HDD

    I recently got a new SATA hard drive from NCIX. Installed it and booted Windows and well it never auto detected i heard you can go into the bios and try it out but i don't know how. I am currently running 3 hard drives 1x IDE 2x sata. Any solutions?
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    Budget Build!

    Hey i am building a computer for a friend and i am wanting to do a cheapish build under 500 dollars, while doing some gaming at the same time? Any ideas?
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    Windows 7 Questions

    So i am upgrading from Windows 7600 to RTM, i got three questions. 32 or 64 bit? How can i get a list of my installed programs? I have a wireless card installed, will it automaticy detect it?
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    Windows 7 upgrade 62%.....

    Okay i am upgrading from w7 7100 to w7 RTM tonight i got throught everything untill on the transfer files and settings etc the upgrade seems to be hanging at 62% i read throught and this was a error so im not sure should i wait or pull the plug? I am doing a in place upgrade.
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    Low Budget Build

    My 2nd build i am doing for a friend, i am looking for a configuration around the budget $250-$450. General use PC,Low end gaming but upgradable in the future. Any Suggestions?
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    W7 7100 > Final

    So i got a new computer with the windows 7 7100 beta but when it expires do i have to reinstall windows 7 to get the to the final build? or can i enter my product key from the windows 7 box i bought and enter the key to keep it activated it .
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    Labtop Troubles.

    Ok, So i left my labtop in sleep/hibernation mode for a about 2 or 3 days than i started up today got a start error, so i pushed the button agian and let it go through than i got a windows system recovery thing pop's up i go throught it untill i get to the pick a OS than there is no OS to...
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    New Build / Disk Boot problems...

    I am build my computer it was all done booted up the first time saw the bios and post an than with my boot disk in i get the error, "disk boot failed insert system disk and press enter" what the? I have my Windows 7 beta DVD than i tried my Windows XP CD to no use. I tried restarting the...

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