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  1. joeperson

    HDTV Help

    I know nothing when it comes to the best hdtv. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm looking at these as a start: Samsung PN50C8000 50in C8000 Series Widescreen 3D Plasma TV at Memory Express Computers Panasonic 50in VIERA® VT25 Series 1080p 3D Plasma HDTV at Memory Express Computers as a...
  2. joeperson

    Notebook/Netbook suggestions

    I'm looking for a light notebook/netbook around 13" or less with 5+ hours of battery life. I don't intend to do much more then word process or play anything more demanding then a snes emulator/flash games. I also tend to multitask. I've stumbled across the ASUS UL30A and UL20A as some...
  3. joeperson

    LCD Wall Mounts?

    I'm looking to raise my two monitors up off my low desk. I'd like to mount them to the wall and be able to position them just about any possible way (up/down/left/right/rotate). Any help will be appreciated. Is there a preferred vendor? Are there problems to look out for? Does cost match...
  4. joeperson

    Short curcuited video card

    I've been running 2x4850's in crossfire. They're both outfitted with the Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev. 2. Some of the older ram sinks (think something like this) fell off. In the process it seems to have short circuited some parts of the card. It's possible the card isn't dead but I'll leave...
  5. joeperson

    Replacement mic/earphone setup

    It seems some wires have crossed somewhere in my current turtle beach and the mic out thinks it's one of the audio in channels. (mic only carries The sound is still fine and much better then my only reference (steele series 5hv2). Can anyone recommend a good full headset replacement or good an...
  6. joeperson

    In Ear Headphone choice

    I believe my current Etymotic 6i Isolator Earphones are slowly dieing. They seem to be progressively losing volume in one of the two ear buds. Unless they can be fixed, which I doubt I need new ones. So which would be best another set of 6i's the more expensive ER•4 (p or s/b with an amp?)...
  7. joeperson

    Need Replacement headphone pads

    Need Replacement headphone ear pads Is there somewhere out there you can get replacement foam cup pads for headphones? I may not be using the right word to describe them. I've got an older pair where the pads have pretty much disintegrated and a newer pair I'm not entirely happy with. (new ones...
  8. joeperson

    Bigger Case

    Currently my system is crammed into an antec 300 and I'm looking to get something bigger/better. I've looked at a few options so far. The antec p183 with aims at a quiet system with little required modification. The Silverstone Raven as an interesting and possibly perfect solution when...
  9. joeperson

    Desktop replacement under $200

    I'll be shelving my full up server project for the time being but so I don't get bored I figure I'll turn to another pc in need of replacement. Scavenging working parts from the original I won't need a Monitor, hard drive, dvd, keyboard, mouse, printer, or speakers. Barebone's systems don't...
  10. joeperson

    Small scale linux server

    Small scale headless linux server I'm currently running my Dlink 323 as a nas, an automate torrent box, and a basic linux server. It's all hacked together and various pieces need various shims and kludges to run. I'm looking at getting a dedicated linux box to work with. Small, low power, low...
  11. joeperson

    An HD4850 nonoverclocker?

    I've poked at overclocking my 4850 and can find islands of temporary stability higher up the clock cycles but the card seems to have problems with even the slightest overclock. I've seen overclocks closer to 700/1100 but I find instability at around 645+/1000+. Considering the card starts at...
  12. joeperson

    Auto Sigs?

    Preface: I haven't bothered with the search function Suggestion: Add some forum specific formatting for signatures? A second signature field just for system info? A dynamically generated display field? Option to turn off sigs or system sigs or both? Or move it to somewhere in the header area...
  13. joeperson

    Sourcing PC Silencing Stuff

    I'm running through the noisier parts of my recent build aiming to make it as quiet as I can. I've swapped out the stock vga cooler for the AC Accellero, picked up some noctua quiet fans to replace and otherwise augment the original case fans. I'm working with an Antec 300 mini tower. Looking at...
  14. joeperson

    Where to go from here?

    I recently put together my first system from scratch. Consisting of the following: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Quad Core Processor (running at 3ghz, stock voltage) Palit Radeon HD 4850 512MB (stock cooler works, just a little to loud, looking to replace with Thermalright HR-03 GT) Antec Three...

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