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    With Catalyst 14.1, AMD Unleashes Mantle (Comment Thread)

    Glide 2.0, this is not.
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    Dazmode News

    It's understandable if most of his sales are EK items, obviously his customers want that brand more then the others. At the end of the day, our own government is the cause of our sourcing problems (and that UPS are soulless ghouls). Daz is just doing what keeps him in business.
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    Dazmode News

    He's primarily an EK vendor now, so it's doubtful. I know Watercool and Aqua products aren't being restocked at all, let alone an entirely new vendor line that competes with Eddy. If you want those products you'll have to go out of country.
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    Dell UltraSharp U3014 30” Monitor Review Comment Thread

    Whoa whoa whoa, watch out guys, we have a certified internet gaming badass here! You must have bad eyes to enjoy playing on washed out TN shit, the rest of us will continue to enjoy what 30" IPS provides.
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    P-clips in canada -where to buy?

    If you have a princess auto close by, they are far cheaper then home depot.
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    Why should I pay for trimming my neighbor's treeline

    Classy, especially coming from a member of the review staff.
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    Why should I pay for trimming my neighbor's treeline

    You can legally cut up to your property line, but if you damage the tree in any way, you are liable for if that tree dies, or requires arborist intervention, etc. Approach them and explain your situation, if they're not dicks then they will work with you and either pay for it or split cost...
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    have 7970, is it worth it to get GTX780

    Yeah, replace that nice IPS monitor with some TN crap. Good plan!
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    [EXCLUSIVE] Intel 2014 Haswell-E to pack 8 cores, DDR4, X99 PCH [VR Zone]

    Wow, it's almost as if the same things were said prior to X58's product launch. How are we ever going to cool those 130w i7 920 beasts!
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    Haswell Gaming Build

    Microcenter has in-store loss-lead deals on CPUs to drive other sales. Have been doing it for like the last 10 years.
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    Gigabyte Z87X-OC Force Photo preview

    Built in barbs, after people constantly said barbs on the M5Formula were stupid compared to a G 1/4 port. Gigabyte a step behind as always.
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    No love for QWES gamers (Or other keyboard configs)

    Most people use middle for forward, as the middile finger again on most people is longer then their index. I can't say I've ever seen someone using index for WASD, it's always middle as W & S
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    ASUS announce first ever m-itx ROG Motherboard: Maximus VI Impact

    There's a custom Ncase m1 run being done through indiegogo that will be a perfect fit for this. And in any case, this is what's needed to push all the other ancillary product vendors to get on the wagon. Power supplies are still limited to what silverstone offers, cases are slowly catching up...
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    Gallery Watercooled Corsair 350D

    I'm not either after owning two (452x2 & that xspc one made out of nylon, what a piece of garbage). They're horrible to bleed and can if your'e not careful are much easier to ruin a pump with a bad prime. Going back to a cylinder res when I do my haswell build. Nice build so far, that top rad...
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    Haswell CPU's and M/B now at NCIX!

    They're loss-leads as you guessed. They've been doing it for like the last 8 years.
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    EVGA GTX 780 hydro copper

    Probably, it's just swiftech parts though no matter what sticker or screening is put on them.
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    Best gaming monitor for a TItan

    IPS or bust, EVE is not about twitch graphics.
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    NVIDIA GTX 770 Review Comment Thread

    Is $50 worth a five month wait for a 780 in your scenario?
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    Intel Haswell release date confirmed for Q2

    How was the IHS being handled? Is it fluxless solder again, or are we going to see another ivy crappy-TIM situation?
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    Some 30" help

    30" IPS, you get what you pay for, simple as that. The only 'deals' are the Korean rejected panels, and I'd rather have a warranty with free advanced 2-3 day RMA then deal with an ebay seller or a private brand out of the US. Ultrasharps have by far the best warranty support in the industry, the...

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