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    Thinking about adding a 5870 to my 5850, need some advice....

    I have a Tru Power 650 watt...
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    Thinking about adding a 5870 to my 5850, need some advice....

    I'm putting together my new Sandy Bridge 2500k / Asus P8P67 rig. I already have a 5850 that's clocks 900/1250 with absolutely no problems, and I now I have the chance to buy an almost new XFX non-reference 5870 for $160CAD/$170 CAD depending on if I get it mailed or delivered, I just have a...
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    No post after restarting, please help!!!!!

    Just an update, it's back up and running like before now, this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. There was no post, fans spinning at constant speed. So I took the ram out, put it back in 1 by 1, 2 out of 4 sticks will post, the other 2 won't (at my original overclocked setting). I tried a...
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    No post after restarting, please help!!!!!

    THe fan spins, normal sound from hdd, just no post from either of the two video cards i have in there
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    No post after restarting, please help!!!!!

    I have had a Q6600 oc to 3.3 ghz on a Asus p5k for 2 yrs now. It was stable and i left it on. Yesterday I restarted the machine due to an software update, right when it got to the post screen i decided to turn it off, so i powered it down by holing the power button. I was never able to get it to...
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    Why can't I create Eyefinity display group????? PLEASE HELP

    I'm running a 5850 (10.3a preview drivers) on Windows 7. I just got my DP->VGA adapter but eyefinity isn't working. I have two 23" inch monitor (Acer X233H via DP->VGA adapter and H233H via DVI) on the sides of a 32" LCD TV (1360x768, via DVI->VGA adapter). so 23" (DVI) - 32" (DVI->VGA) - 23"...
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    Q6600 still viable?

    Thanks for the input guys. I'm not entirely clear how going from Q6600 to a E8600 would be an upgrade, especially when games are more and more multithreaded and made for more than 2 cores. I'm thinking it may be worth it if I can find a Q9550 that does over 4ghz on air and drop it in my p5k
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    Want to Sell -=DIAMOND ATI HD 5870=-

    They did for a very short period of time, it was online only, they had 7 in total I think.
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    Want to Sell -=DIAMOND ATI HD 5870=-

    Price negotiable, shoot me some offers :)
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    Want to Sell -=DIAMOND ATI HD 5870=-

    I have a barely used Diamond 5870 for sale, bought from Bestbuy, I have the receipt but no box (girlfriend's attempt at cleaning the room). It's never been overclocked and it comes with all the accessories that came in the box (4-pin to 6 pin power cable, dvi->vga adapter, crossfire bridge)...
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    Dual 1080p on Windows 7, multi monitor noob

    I'd like to know too...
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    Q6600 still viable?

    I'm still running Q6600 at 3.2Ghz on a P5k deluxe wifi ap, just wondering your opinion on how long before this setup will start to show its age and not be able to handle new games/apps anymore?
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    Wait to upgrade?

    you'll always be waiting, because there will always be something around the corner
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    Asus 5850 Optimum settings?

    I had a 5850 running at 924/1300, try to push a little more
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    Enabling supersampling AA on 4870x2?

    It seems that the driver only allows the option to select SSAA on the 5 series cards, does anyone know how to enable the option for a 4870x2? Just to make it clear, this is not adaptive AA or edge detect, but the new (actually very old) supersampling that ATI introduced for the 5 series cards...
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    HD5870 only requiring a 500W psu?!?!?

    If your 500w is quality, you're not chancing anything at all.
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    NVIDIA Fermi GT300 Video Cards A Fake?

    LMFAO, that's a good one buddy, too bad even a 5850 renders Nvidia's CURRENT single GPU line-up completely irrelevant, let alone the 5870.
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    HD5870 only requiring a 500W psu?!?!?

    read some reviews and you'll see that the card runs on incredibly low power, 28w idle i believe, and 170w load. Why wouldn't 500W be enough?
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    NCIX: 9600GSO!

    Humm... this one has 8 ROPS instead of the original 96sp one with 12ROPS, does that affect folding at all? Anyone know how this new one folds?
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    why is my 4870x2 only folding at 50% of ONE gpu....

    ya it was silly, I don't know why my gpu client defaulted at 50%, never clicked in my head that CPU usage is proportional to GPU output...DUH lol