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  1. K

    Want to Buy Silverstone FT02B-W (GVRD)

    Long shot but I'll throw it out there as I'm getting parts together for a build later this year, so there's no hurry. Looking to track down a local seller (GVRD) for a Silverstone FT02B-W w/ AP181's. Condition is everything, USB3 frontpanel is a bonus, but not a deal breaker.
  2. K

    Vista x64 / Win7 x64 + 4gigs ram = Which TV tuner (Shaw Digital : Vancouver)

    Phew, what a title! I'm having trouble to find the TV tuner card that would suit me best. The long and short of things is I have a basic shaw digital cable box and want to run the output from it into my PC so I can watch the standard def channels on my secondary monitor and ditch the old 32"...