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    Want to Buy [WTB] x79 atx motherboard

    Hello I am looking for a solid ATX x79 motherboard, I currently have MSI big bang x79. Looking anything asus x79 deluxe, or x79 rampage. I want to move to a atx board. Anyone have a good x79 board. PM me and see if we can work out a deal. Thank you for reading.
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    Want to Sell n/a

    All the fittings Pm sent
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    Want to Sell [USA] MSI R9-290 and EK Waterblock $300USD shipped

    290 with waterblock. $200.00 shipped?
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    Want to Sell 2 x Evga 680 GTX w/ HeatKiller WB and Backplates

    Does it still work with damage? If so. $150.00 shipped. T6v 1y3
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    Want to Sell gpu block, rads, pump/res combo, agp 8x card memory

    hello selling off some of my water cooling stuff and other things. any question please pm, I am in the Edmonton area. I used only primochill liquid. inside and back side of gpu block is very clean. I ran my 470 cards two and three way sli. 360 rad is just enough for the three 240 rad is fine...
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    Want to Sell *PARTING OUT* High End Watercooled PC, IPS Monitors, Speakers, Extras

    pic of cpu block bottom would be help full. Block is useless if scratched.
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    ram prices

    Hey guys Did ram jump up in price? earlier i seen quad 1866 16gb kits $150 range. Now I see prices in the $250 range.
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    X79 Quad Channel DDR3-2400 vs DDR3 1600 real world

    Real world. Nope. You will not see a difference. I am running Kingston HyperX Black 1600 4x4 from a 6x4 kit. $240.00 for 1866 4x4 kit would have very little increase, I would not detect. Them money would be better spent on Video card upgrade. I run my 1600 memory at 1066 on my x58 system. I...
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    i7 920 or i5 4760K

    My x58 classified 3 crapped out. RMA to eVGA. No x58 boards left. I got a x79 Classified from eVGA no charge. So Had to sell my cpu and buy a 2011 socket cpu. I picked up a 4930k. For gaming not much difference. I would have taken a x58 and not shell out the cash. So if it was me, get the...
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    evga classified 3 e770 x58

    Hello So on black Friday I picked up evga's x58 classified e770 board. Is this board any better than the Gigabyte sniper x58 board? I am running i7 950 , 3 x 470 gtx and 24gb ddr3 1600 ram.
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    Want to Sell Sale closed.

    bump for looking, it is just BIG
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    Want to Sell radiators powersupply case fans

    Bump, is my prices too high?
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    Want to Sell radiators powersupply case fans

    My bad, it is 800w. Wish it was 1000w.
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    Want to Sell radiators powersupply case fans

    Hello Did some changes, so selling off the things not needed anymore. The Case is local pick up, no shipping. Went with a smaller case. Did have 360 rad on the top and 240 mounted at the bottom. Did a good job cooling 3 470 gtx's and one cpu. The powersupply is fully working and just...
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    Powersupply for GTX295 (folding)

    Look at this link GeForce GTX 295 | Specifications | GeForce Nothing lower than 680w. That said I would not go less than 750w running 24-7. Needs 6 and 8 pin pci-e connection.
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    stuck between two cases

    Yes, silver not white. I did pick up the FT02 today locally. No window. I do not look at the case where it is now anyways. I am running a single 360 rad in a Cosmos S and temps are good. Looking at this case, there is rad mounts included. I may just mount the 360 vs removing the hard drive cage...