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    Want to Buy [WTB] x79 atx motherboard

    Hello I am looking for a solid ATX x79 motherboard, I currently have MSI big bang x79. Looking anything asus x79 deluxe, or x79 rampage. I want to move to a atx board. Anyone have a good x79 board. PM me and see if we can work out a deal. Thank you for reading.
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    Want to Sell gpu block, rads, pump/res combo, agp 8x card memory

    hello selling off some of my water cooling stuff and other things. any question please pm, I am in the Edmonton area. I used only primochill liquid. inside and back side of gpu block is very clean. I ran my 470 cards two and three way sli. 360 rad is just enough for the three 240 rad is fine...
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    ram prices

    Hey guys Did ram jump up in price? earlier i seen quad 1866 16gb kits $150 range. Now I see prices in the $250 range.
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    evga classified 3 e770 x58

    Hello So on black Friday I picked up evga's x58 classified e770 board. Is this board any better than the Gigabyte sniper x58 board? I am running i7 950 , 3 x 470 gtx and 24gb ddr3 1600 ram.
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    Want to Sell radiators powersupply case fans

    Hello Did some changes, so selling off the things not needed anymore. The Case is local pick up, no shipping. Went with a smaller case. Did have 360 rad on the top and 240 mounted at the bottom. Did a good job cooling 3 470 gtx's and one cpu. The powersupply is fully working and just...
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    stuck between two cases

    Looking for a case better for water cooling. I have been looking at Silverstone Temjin TJ07 as I have two rads 360 and 240. But then Fortress FT02 looks to be good with a 540 rad on the bottom. I like how the powersupply is mounted on the TJ07 vs Corsairs Obsidian 800D. I will be running...
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    what size and brand of unit to get

    Hello I looking to power this i7 950 1366 socket keeping qpi at 133 gigabyte g1 sniper x58 Kingston hyperx black 12gb ddr3 3x4gb 1600mhz three 470 gtx's sata3 1tb drive blu-ray rom 7 fans water pump as video cards and cpu are liquid cooled. No overclocking planned. Was looking at...
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    what is it, video, powersupply, motherboard, drivers

    Hello So this what the problem is, I was running 3 way sli system with no issue. But after some use it started to get video artifacting when running bf3, the black background was full of blue dots. I removed one card and ran 2 way sli and there was no more artifacting. I tried each card...
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    system will not start up with out turning off powersupply

    Hello My system will only start up normal if I turn the power switch off on the power supply and back on after being with out power for a minute. No errors or beeps, windows starts up. Just the card reader will not work on first start up. Doing a restart from windows and then the card reader...
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    Kingston or G.Skill

    Hello Need ram, my old ram just not working with my system. Looking at Kingston KHX1600C9D3T1BK3/12GX or G.Skill F3-12800CL9T-12GBSR2 12gb kits are close in price and not much more than 6gb kits. Cannot figure out if one is better than the other. These two have the Kingston in stock...
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    2011 pci e 40 lanes

    Hello So to get 40 lanes, 4 cards are needed? 16x8x8x8 or is it 16x16x8 (LGA 2011)? MB specs on the x79 show 16x8x8 for 32 lanes as old LGA1366.
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    pins from video card to motherboard

    Hello Say looking a the gold pin connections on a video card, is it possible to see if the card has ever been inserted into a board or not, just visually looking at it?
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    Great deal on 465 GTX from PNY turned bad and now fixed.

    PNY.com special offer, $139.99 It is time to up grade, 560 Ti 448 or 570 GTX, then I saw the special offer. I ordered four 465 GTX for two computers. Did the order Wed night, UPS ground shipping from USA to EDM, AB. PNY sent out cards on Thursday, Friday @ 3:30 PM was dropped at my door. WOW...
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    Want to Sell water cooling parts

    Hello Selling some parts that I no longer need. Local pick up in Edmonton or ship via Canada post. EMT , paypal or cash on local pickup Motherboard prices included shipping in Canada post expedited. All others will work on shipping costs. Thanks for looking. For sale Sold local D-TEK...
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    Gigabyte G1 1366MB big discounts at NCIX.com

    I found this last month and the discount just dropped more this month and there is MIR too. 1366 boards maybe on the way out. I could not stop myself, I got 2 boards. I have a $80 MIR and $50 MIR coming. Gigabyte G1.Assassin XL-ATX LGA1366 X58 $359.99 NCIX.com - Buy Gigabyte G1.Assassin XL-ATX...
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    ddr3 on lga 1366

    Hello The max speed I can get is 1973 on the memory. What limits this the ram, cpu or the ram. I am running a 930, the BCLK is at 164. Ram 2:12 for 1973. I am using an Asus rampage II extreme. The memory is Crucial 2133. I have some Kingston 2000 coming and a 950.
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    Overclocking on a r2e

    Hello I have a question on what is being overclocked when running memory at 2133, but the cpu stays at 133x21. Would it be better to increase 133 setting to 152x21 and memory at 2133 or stay with 133x21 2133. I just got Crucial 6gb 2133 ram and just updated the bios on the r2e to 1914...
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    XION Power Real 1000W

    Hello I am looking for a power supply with 8pin pci-e. My Ultra 750 watt is okay, but only 6 pin pci-e. The Xion has a $90.00 discount, for $119.99 is it hard to pass up. So is the xion kinda like ultra products, or will it hold up? I am looking to put a single 295GTX to replace my 8800...