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    Canda Post $#&* Company now?

    As someone who works at Canada Post I definitely cannot disagree with the thread title, however: 1. Insurance claims are more likely to be processed properly if the shipper has a business account and the shipper makes the claim. (too much he said she said with regular customers, and the...
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    New build with an X570 MATX board: what should I do?

    The question is why do you need x570? You aren't getting much for the cost and every x570 board is going to be prone to thermal issues, you are much better off with something like a b450 board if you want to go SFF.
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    which brands or phone models keep as close to stock, if not stock, Android on their mid-range phones?

    Motorola pretty much has the largest selection for your requirements. Aside from gesture control it's basically stock Android across the entire lineup. If you don't mind that it's an older model, the x4 can be found on sale pretty frequently just under your price point. (Android one version...
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    Lucky Mobile

    I had an issue with public mobile where my phone thinks it's a regular Telus network so I had to manually input APN settings. Lucky and public are both on the Bellus network but they're both MVNOs. (Which is how I would limit you to 3g speeds on a 4g network) Rogers equivalent Chatr, simply...
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    out of touch with psu tech besides seasonic

    Make a list of all the inexpensive PSUs and cross reference to see if its made by a known good OEM. Most of the big enthusiast names like EVGA, Antec, and Corsair have learned to stick with good OEMs if you dont have the time. PSU Review Database - RealHardTechX EDIT: After a quick look at the...
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    HW monitor vs Realtemp

    Both pieces of software read off the same sensor, the reason the numbers are different is because the tjmaxx value is set wrong in one or both pieces of software. Tjmaxx value on your cpu is specific to your specific model number and stepping revision. The software reads the sensor data as...
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    SJWs begin hijack of Linux??

    Linus was never pushed out he was either looking for an excuse to take leave or legitimately wanted to improve his behaviour in terms of how he treated other people. If you actually read the code of conduct it's basically a copy pasted version of every code of conduct used in any professional...
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    Won a CPU! Need opinions: to platform upgrade or not

    AMD did an exchange program for people who won that contest, can't remember if it was threadripper cpus or mainstream ryzen though. Could look to see if that's still open.
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    is there good and free VPN software?

    I was able to use softether vpn to connect to a region locked game server while keeping non game traffic not going through the vpn. (could probably do the same with openvpn) Kind of the opposite of what you want to do but it might work depending on your specific use case. Also some commercial...
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    Wiping a phone with a dead usb port

    I'll probably just do that, it's not super sensitive data or anything I would just rather not leave it out there. I don't even keep important passwords on that file, would be better just to make a new one. Unfortunately this is one of those all glass phones that doesn't support wireless charging.
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    Memory Price Fixing Under Investigation...AGAIN!

    There's no reason for those 3 companies to stop price fixing even though it's illegal, the amount they get fined every time they get caught is pennies compared to how much they make breaking the law. The highest possible fine cited in that article is 8 billion when they made 88 billion off the...
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    Wiping a phone with a dead usb port

    The usb port on my MotoX4 died and the battery drained out before I could do a factory reset. (bought a usb c device because of all the micro b ports that I see break and my first usb c breaks in 2 months :doh:) My RMA hasn't been approved by Newegg yet, but if it does I would prefer to wipe...
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    LogMeIn Free goes bye bye

    Same company, similar product, slightly different features for different customers. Logmein can be used like a VPN pretty much the same as Hamachi, unless you need to manage a lot of clients.
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    Workstation on a Budget

    You might want to go with a used system or switch to AMD if your budget is that tight. No matter how fast a dual core simply won't cut it for your workloads, you'd be better off getting less RAM with a slower CPU with more cores/threads.
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    Questions about Chrome OS

    Chromium OS is an official Linux distribution based on OpenSuse. Chrome OS is essentially Chromium with Google proprietary services pre-installed. The OS itself is not cloud based, but the vast majority of applications available for the OS are and your settings/files are by default sync'd with...
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    Note 2 stuck at boot screen

    Someone asked me to fix their Galaxy Note 2, it gets stuck at a boot screen and gets the frozen loop when trying to charge it. I can't get into the hard reset menu/recovery mode but I can get into ODIN. I tried loading the stock firmware onto the phone via ODIN but the micro USB connection...
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    Artisan Gaming Mouse Pads

    The company seems to respond to emails reasonably quickly - I'd just ask them. And for the meantime you could try ironing the pad with an ironing cloth and high steam to prevent burn shine. That's what I did with mine after it started to curl. Word of caution: it makes the surface slightly...
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    Ontario Liberal Majority

    What sucks more is the Liberals keep winning in York Region partly because of the stupid (dis?)improvements they've made to our transit. Another thing they're doing to Hwy 7 that's stupid is removing road safety barriers (not sure what they're called) and replacing them with pretty fences that...
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    Ontario Liberal Majority

    Not sure about other municipalities, but the reasons the Libs have won in Markham absolutely infuriates me. Our Liberal candidate basically just keeps all the whiners happy and doesn't think about whats actually good for the city. People are constantly complaining about not having a traffic...
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    ANyone know what happened in Moncton with the rcmp killings?

    Last night CBC suspected the shooter was deliberately targeting law enforcement but couldn't be sure. Social media accounts under the same name as the shooter's showed a lot of resentment towards law enforcement and there was one eyewitness account of the shooter sneaking up on and shooting an...