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    Email server

    Anyone running their own email server? Existing threads all seem pretty old. Noticed tonight that gmail and my alumni forwarding address seems to have stopped playing nicely sometime ago. Quick google search led me to hMailServer. Any other suggestions?
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    Home brewing

    My special project is on hold, owing to the border closure. On the upside, the lock down was kind to my bank account; consequently, the project budget has actually increased. Sadly, so have my ambitions/designs. I am now considering getting into home brewing and was wondering what people here...
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    Next gen games could be more expensive

    https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/07/will-nba-2k21s-70-price-set-a-new-next-gen-console-standard On a related matter, a bunch of EA games are back on Steam... on sale, Mass Effect 3 & the DLC pack is $40, "normally" $80. Wtf? Good thing I am a devotee of r/patientgamers (and the Jolly...
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    Star Wars: Squadrons

    Trailer looks impressive, then again... it's made by EA. 🤢
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    40A SSVR, etc

    I am going to need to buy a 40A SSVR, along with a potentiometer, plug/receptacle, on/off stitch, etc. But am way over my head here... I do have wiring diagrams; as a last resort, the person we bought the house from is an electrician. However, I would rather he not know what I am building...
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    Missing threads

    Has anyone noticed that entire threads have disappeared? It's not a case of broken bookmarks, I went back through my posting history and stuff is just gone. Did I miss a memo? :unsure:
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    I vaguely recall people here mentioning it in the past.... I am working on a new project/hobby and some of the parts I need are $140/162 US... PLUS shipping. But only $92 US from AliExpress, including (Fedex) shipping. Anybody know what AliExpress Standard Shipping actually is? It is the...
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    CableMod coupon

    Sorting stuff, I noticed that my Ryzen motherboard came with a twenty percent off coupon.* I won't be using it, so if any long term member wants it, let me know. * Details @ https://asus.cablemod.com/
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    The rubber cover on an analog stick on my Xbox controller came off, looking for a parts I came across Sugru. But it's not that cheap in comparison to a new controller. Has anyone ever used it? Mostly hype?
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    The strange, true history of Y2K

    Globe & Mail has an interesting article, much of the preparations are rather funny in hindsight.
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    Costco Xbox Live &/or Game Pass Ultimate sale

    Total of 6 months of Xbox Live Gold is $17.49 at Costco.ca, limit of three per member. https://www.costco.ca/xbox-live-gold-3-month-membership---digital-download.product.100287347.html Edit: Game Pass Ultimate is also on sale, total of six months for $24.99...
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    Ryzen air cooler

    I was looking at options last night for replacing the stock cooler to make the build silent (as it will be going in either my TV room/the Great Room), plus I would prefer to avoid the hassle of changing the cooler down the road. I can't see myself going much beyond a mild overclock (if ever...
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    NFL Shop.ca coupon

    Madden 20 came with a twenty per cent off coupon for an order @ nflshop.ca, some restrictions apply. I won't be using it, so, if any non one-post member wants, send a PM.
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    Ryzen upgraditis

    The last few days, I've been getting a Plex server together using old parts, namely a Phenom II x4 965/970, 8GB RAM, GTX 970, Intel 730 240GB (OS) and my current Plex drive (8TB WD Red). Getting Homegroup to work was fun, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I digress... I know it's capable of doing...
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    Unifi Dream Machine (UDM)

    I set up my UDM tonight and thought it worth while to document the process, given the paucity of reviews to date. Initial set up was relatively straight forward save for two issues, first (after placing my Shaw modem in bridge mode) the UDM would not connect to the internet. Not sure what the...
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    Plex server case

    It seems like almost every case, out of the ten or so, I had previously short listed (sometime ago) is no longer for sale. From said list, as well as a cursory search tonight, my best bet would still appear to be either an Antec P101 Silent or, more likely, a Fractal Design Define R5. Are...
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    Network equipment upgrades

    Shaw installed a Bluecurve gateway; I was so tired--we moved in the day before--I never asked any questions, nor noticed that it only had two Ethernet ports until the following day. WTF? It's 2019! So I am going to need some new equipment, but what? I've been researching the issue for the last...
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    Cat5e wiring thingies

    The Shaw installer was here today and only terminated (??) one wire in the internet panel, saying the rest are up to me. He recommended contacting Geek Squad for the remainder (to make the internet available in each room, as needed). Fuck that! I am a geek, albeit a drunk one.* Anyone have any...
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    Budget cell phone

    As I'll be doing a lot more driving, on less populated roads, post-move, among other reasons, it's time I get my first cell phone. Looking for something pretty basic, but still a smart phone. I am planning on a non-contract plan (no real preference on provider), so... a Motorola Moto G6 Play...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming to PC....

    https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/61153/Red-Dead-Redemption-2-Coming-to-PC-November-5th Delayed launch on Steam, however.