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    Wiping a phone with a dead usb port

    The usb port on my MotoX4 died and the battery drained out before I could do a factory reset. (bought a usb c device because of all the micro b ports that I see break and my first usb c breaks in 2 months :doh:) My RMA hasn't been approved by Newegg yet, but if it does I would prefer to wipe...
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    Note 2 stuck at boot screen

    Someone asked me to fix their Galaxy Note 2, it gets stuck at a boot screen and gets the frozen loop when trying to charge it. I can't get into the hard reset menu/recovery mode but I can get into ODIN. I tried loading the stock firmware onto the phone via ODIN but the micro USB connection...
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    Sammy Yatim's death will be a 2nd degree murder charge

    Officer charged with murder in Sammy Yatim streetcar shooting - Toronto - CBC News
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    Anybody have a Copy referal link?

    Title says it all. PM me? Figured I might as well give and get 5 GB. Don't see anything in the forum rules about this, but if it's not cool mods please feel free to delete thread.
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    Super Talent USB 3.0 Express DRAMDisk

    Saw this press release on TPU: Super Talent USB 3.0 Express DRAMDisk Now Available | techPowerUp I'm a little confused by the marketing Chinglish. :sad: I originally thought that this was just external RAM meant for power users, but upon reading the product page and "data sheet" it seems this...
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    AMD Opens New Global Design Centre in Hyderabad

    TPU link: AMD Opens New Global Design Centre in Hyderabad | techPowerUp I was kind of peeved when I saw this press release. AMD took a $53 million grant from the government of Ontario when they first acquired ATI assuming that they would solely develop APU technology in Markham. So now after a...
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    Canonical tries to crowd-source $32m for Ubuntu Edge

    BBC News - Ubuntu Edge smartphone seeks $32m of crowdfunded cash Ubuntu Edge | Indiegogo Cost of the phone is outlandish, but it's supposed to essentially be a desktop in phone form factor. As well as a virtually scratch-proof screen. I'm surprised at how quickly they're getting funding was...
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    Honest Ed's up for sale

    http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Canada/Toronto/ID/2397082999/ Sounds like Mirvish is still hunting for the right buyer, but it seems the store will eventually be gone for good.
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    Marvell Ordered to Pay $1.17 Billion in Damages to University [TPU]

    Marvell Ordered to Pay $1.17 Billion in Damages to University for Patent Infringment | techPowerUp The newest patent trolls of the 21st century - our important post-secondary educational institutions. Conspiracy theorists please delight me with your hard drive price fixing theories.
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    Recent Motherboards.org Debacle

    Saw this on TPU: ChannelPro Tosses Elric Phares Out of Motherboards.org | techPowerUp So far there's only been one side to the story - I'm curious to hear the "bad guy's" (ChannelPro) POV. Anybody in the industry know anything? It could be a case of getting screwed over by a sellout contract...
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    Corsair Acquires Raptor Gaming

    So a while back Corsair had to cancel their IPO due to poor market conditions, and now they acquire an up and coming new guy. Something lost, something better gained. Corsair Acquires Raptor Gaming | techPowerUp Raptor Gaming is now a part of Corsair
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    Project 7642 - Anybody else getting insane coil whine?

    These things are driving me insane!!! They take forever to fold and make my GTX 470 SCREAM! I never knew coil whine could be this freaking loud, it's got to be at least 60db. Worst of all it's not a sine wave whine due to fluctuating GPU usage.
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    CnC TA Open Beta

    http://alliances.commandandconquer.com/en/ Been playing this in closed beta for 2 weeks now, the game is flawed but fans of the CnC franchises should enjoy it. Game pace is fairly slow if you don't pay to play, but that's a good thing for me as it's a nice on the side gaming experience. It's...
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    Chrome on Android now - but...

    https://market.android.com/details?id=com.android.chrome Android 4.0 ICS only. :sad: There goes the idea of getting a Galaxy Note. Hopefully it gets out of beta real fast.
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    AMD E350 in CM V6

    Probably the niftiest demo at CES by a longshot: A CPU Cooling Heatsink With Built In Computer From AMD | PC Perspective Surprised not many sites reported on this one.
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    Logitech Coupon 35% off (G300,G700,G13,G110)

    Only works on G300,G700,G13, and G110. Works on both Canadian and US sites, but US customers will get a better deal on most of the products. (free shipping and the discount applies in addition to the original discount, so a G700 would be ~$64 for US but $78+shipping/taxes for Canada) Will only...
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    OCZ ZX 850W - Countdown to Xmas Sale

    OCZ ZX Series 850W ATX12V 24PIN Active PFC 80 Plus Gold 70A Power Supply 140MM Fan Black 5 Yr Wrty - OCZ Technology - OCZ-ZX850W Pretty good price without the MIR and an absolute steal if you don`t mind jumping through hoops to get a $40 prepaid credit card. Fully modular Great Wall unit, new...
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    Specialty Clear Coats

    Anybody know where I can get special clear coats near the GTA? Or at least somewhere in Canada. I'm looking for soft touch clear coats like these: Soft Feel Clear - Kustom Rides Item Detail Hydraphics Custom Painting Systems I haven't been able to find stuff like this in Canada, and it's...
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    Velocity Micro T103 Cruz?

    $100 for a capacitive multi touch screen seems a little too good to be true. Especially when the MSRP was lowered from $300. Buy the Velocity Micro T103 Cruz Android 2 Internet Tablet at TigerDirect.ca Aside from the obvious lack of camera and weaker processor, does anybody know anything about...
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    SMCD3GN Default Login Issues

    Was having issues with my SMCD3GN overheating and disconnecting so I tried restoring it to factory defaults and now I can't get into the high level admin settings. cusadmin/password - works but I only get the low level settings so I can't disable router/dhcp functions and whatnot...