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    Want to Sell SOLD!

    I just bought the same Gigabyte one brand new a month ago, wish I had waited for this
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    Want to Buy Looking for: Gaming computer 1000-1300, Monitor, TODAY or TOMORROW

    The Source has a 22" IPS monitor for $109, cheapest I've seen for an IPS of that size. Also if you sign up for their newsletter you get $25 off a purchase over $100. It does has 12ms g2g though, so idk if you want it if you're looking to game on the monitor you're looking for. EDIT: Just...
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    PC with a 2500k, what is it worth??

    That's actually an excellent idea! :thumb:
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    4770k delidded

    For Haswell specifically, the thermal paste applied under the heat spreader was of poor quality, so many people took the heat spreader off so as to apply their own thermal paste, lowering temps by up to about 5 degrees (in my experience) This 100% voids your warranty
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    4770k delidded

    I was thinking about getting the 5820k, but if something similar would be released from Skylake soon, I'd prefer that.
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    4770k delidded

    Considering upgrading, although I still need to check the actual performance difference. It overclocks to 4.8-4.9GHz stable at 1.35V. Currently it's running 4.6Ghz at 1.235V. It's delidded, so I thought maybe I'd sell before the price starts to drop. Overclocks were with a NZXT Kraken x61 and a...
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    Crossfire questions

    Holy. I never realized how much power this card actually draws O.O I've been looking at upgrading my PSU for a while, so if I did that and got a 7950 for under 100 bucks, would it still not be worth it?
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    Crossfire questions

    I currently have a 280x in my system and am looking at picking up a very cheap used 7950 for crossfire, so I have a couple questions. Reading online, it seems that I can crossfire both as they are based on the same architecture (correct me if that's a bad explanation). It is used so I want to...
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    pc on i5 3350p?

    Local site has one for $75 CAD, thought I might pick it up for a media PC/Micro-ATX gaming build for the living room. I think it would best compare with something along the lines of an i5 2500?
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    Want to Sell Seagate 3TB HDD 7200 RPM - Price Drop!

    Seems like a very solid price for the 780 Ti. Good luck with the sale :)
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    Want to Sell XSPC D5 Photon 170, EK 290x Block, Alphacool Rads

    I'm guessing the 290x waterblocks wouldn't fit on a 280x?
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    PC on i5 3570k and Asus z77-V

    I have an LGA1150 mobo already and was looking for a unlocked Haswell i5, but I came across a 3570k and motherboard and was wondering if it's worth it for me
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    Want to Buy Found

    Weird thing to have on here - but does it really work? I've been thinking of getting one for awhile since it's expensive to go to a salon/spa, especially for multiple treatments
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    Budget Friendly IPS Monitor! | Acer H236HL bid

    Great review! Thank you :)
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    MissAia's feedback thread

    I bought a R9 280x off of Ultima_Weaponx awhile ago, but I suppose he hasn't been on to leave feedback. Oh well :/
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    MissAia's feedback thread

    Leave me feedback pls <3
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    Ultima_WeaponX feedback thread

    Bought a R9 280X from Ultima_weaponx. The seller shipped it the day after payment, and I received it (repackaged beautifully I might add) only a few days later. The card is in immaculate condition and works perfectly. Great seller :)
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    Want to Sell SEALED iPhone 8 with GeekSquad, I5 4690K, Mushkin/Patriot/A.Data DDR3, WiFi cards

    Interested in one of the HIS R9 280x cards. Pmed :canadianwave:
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    PC on AMD X4 750k?

    That's actually more than I was expecting :biggrin: I'll still probably end up trading it for some RAM though!
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    PC on AMD X4 750k?

    Literally only opened once, never used. Was wondering if it's worth anything?