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    futureshop amd never settle bundle

    I didn't think an amd vid card from futureshop would include amd's game bundle, but I came across this last night: Never Settle Video Card Bundle - Future Shop shows asus 7850 and 7870, and gigabyte 7950 and 7970. Normally wouldn't order from fs for something like this, but they price match...
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    selling an amd never settle game bundle?

    Anyone here ever sold an amd never settle gaming bundle/codes? Just wondering if it's something that sells, and if so around how much? I'm thinking about buying a 7950 but I already own the games that come with it. If I could sell the codes at a good enough price then it would help me budget for...
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    6850's Asus and XFX

    Just wondering what you guys think would be a reasonable selling price for these: Asus EAH6850 DirectCU/2DIS/1GD5 256bit XFX HD-685X-ZNFC Radeon HD 6850 1G 256bit DDR5 No warranty left on either card (I had bought the XFX used, so I had the double lifetime warranty transfered to me, but it...
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    laptop won't start

    Trying to figure out why a laptop won't start. Its a gateway ms2285. It gets power - the power light comes on and fans start to spin when I turn it on, but then everything stops after about 5 seconds. The weirdest thing is that occasionally I can hear a faint, almost tune like series of very...
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    faulty cpu temp sensor?

    I recently bought a used pc to set up for a friend. It has an athlon 64x2 5200+ brisbane am2 on a sapphire pe-am2rs690v2 motherboard. CPU cooled by a CM Hyper 101. I was concerned about the cpu temps, CoreTemp and HWMonitor showed the cores idle at 50 plus, and just with running normal stuff...
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    Catalyst 13.2beta now official

    Catalyst 13.2 beta is now officially released from AMD: AMD Catalyst? 13.2 Beta Driver
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    laptop buying advice

    I'm buying a laptop for a friend, who is partial to HP. So I've got 2 choices, almost identical except for the processor and the place of purchase. This one for $500 from costco: HP Pavilion g6-2253ca Notebook PC (C2L80UA) specifications - HP Home & Home Office Products This one from BestBuy...
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    New monitor help!

    Boy am I out of touch! I guess I need some advice on a new monitor. My samsung 226bw is showing signs of age (color banding), so its soon time. IPS vs TN? Is TN only really needed for 3d gaming? Is a 120hz refresh rate really going to be noticeable gaming? I've been gaming for years at my...
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    Christmas countdown contest?

    Any plans for a Christmas countdown contest this year? Even though I didn't win anything last year, I really enjoyed the daily contests!! It would be great to have some kind of holiday contest, maybe with our friends at NCIX (hint, hint!)!
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    gigabyte rebate

    Actually just wondering if anyone knows if Best Buy would qualify for this gigabyte rebate: http://www.mirhelp.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Gigabyte-VGA-Sept-2012-CA.pdf it says Only Valid at GIGABYTE Authorized Resellers - Canada
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    low end video card - need advice

    I'm asking advice because I don't usually shop for lower end stuff :haha: I want to upgrade my parents to a dedicated video card. They play online flash type games, and simple games (like angry birds), and have just told me that they've been having problems with the games freezing or jumping...
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    6850 crossfire, overkill?

    I have a chance to get a really good deal on another (used) 6850. The monitor I use now has a max resolution of 1680x1050. I'm now thinking that crossfired 6850's would be overkill at that resolution, and am wondering if I'll really notice a difference. I don't plan on getting a new monitor...
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    upgrade advice 1680x1050

    I'm thinking about upgrading my vid card and am looking for advice. I currently have a gtx260 896meg core 216 card, and I use a 22" monitor that supports max 1680x1050 resolution. Given my resolution limit (I don't plan on upgrading my monitor) what would be a good card to go with in the...
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    hard drive failing, need help cleansing

    Here's one for you fine folks :) I have an infamous seagate 7200.11 1.5tb hardrive that's failing. It has the supossed good firmware (cc1h). The drive reads very slow, and writes super slow, always stalling and locking up during big writes. I can watch the write speed drop steadily down to...
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    xtreme budget internet/email build

    I'm building an internet/email build for someone looking to go as cheap as possible - cheap but not too slow ;) They are upgrading from an 8+ year old athlon xp 2200, 512m ddr-400 ram. I was looking at this e3300 biostar combo for $70 Newegg.ca - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop...
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    help with freezing

    I'm trying to fix a relatives computer for them. First it wouldn't start at all, turned out to be the psu. I replaced the psu, turned on the computer, heard an electrical "pop", smelled a burned smell, but the computer started up. Now it freezes and locks up all the time. In windows (xp), in...
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    inexpensive 8800gt cooling?

    I'm looking for suggestions on inexpensive 8800gt cooling. My older rig has an xfx 8800gt alpha dog edition where the fan is factory locked at %100 - it is loud, sounds like a dehumidifier. I would like to make the computer into a htpc, but it is way too loud the way it is. Any suggestions on...
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    non electrical conductive paste

    So let's see if I have this right; if I use a TIM that is non electrically conductive, then it's not as a big a worry if some seeps over the edge of the cpu? Am I right in thinking that? If so, what are some good non-electrically conductive pastes? I believe OCZ freeze is non-elec conductive...
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    upcoming build, some guidance please

    So I'm going to be building a new amd build. I'm on a budget and I'm buidling a new gaming rig. I know an intel corei7 or i5 quad would probably give better performance, but I can get a phenom 965 3.4 and a motherboard for about the same price as just an i7 processor. I'm looking at an asus...
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    best ram configuration - extra2g or dual channel 2x1g

    Right now I have 2g of ddr2-pc5300-667 ram, 2x1g sticks, different brands. I have 1g buffalo stick that came with the comp, and a 1g supertalent that I bought. What do you guys think would be better for short term (until I have more cash); should I buy a 2x1g dual channel pc6400 kit, or should...