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  1. bradleyg5

    Faster gaming performance with faster ram?

    Or rather if I have a SSD will my map load/game load times be measurably faster? I see a lot of performance tests comparing FPS with different RAM speeds, but I haven't seen a single one comprehensively comparing load times. It seems that extra bandwidth would help best with loading large...
  2. bradleyg5

    Benefits of having OS on SSD beyond boot times?

    Basically I'm getting an SSD and don't really see any reason to reinstall my OS on it. I don't really care about my boot times, my computer just stays on. But there are applications I want to launch quickly, mostly my Adobe suite, and i want to use it as a scratch/cache disk. But yeah, I...
  3. bradleyg5

    Why no Freon cooled systems?

    As anybody ever tried hooking up a compressor and running Freon through their system? Like take apart an old refrigerator or something. Lukewarm water is still only lukewarm water regardless of how many radiators you have. Oh how about a sealed Air case with one Exhaust and one intake where...
  4. bradleyg5

    Why is everybody a Voltage wussy!

    Ok so intel specs the 2500k at a max voltage of 1.52. Has there been any evidence ever that has established running near this limit properly cooled will cause the chip to die prematurely? I see motherboards die way more often than I see chips die. I want evidence! For Ivy bridge I think...