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    Want to Buy WTB 9800gtx full cover water block

    As per title, let me know if ya have one. Thanks
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    Want to Sell Watercooling and storage stuff for sale

    I have some stuff thats been sitting in my closet that needs to go. Prices posted are shipped in Canada. I accept EMT(perfered) and paypal. New Swiftech rad box rev2 $25 shipped Swiftech MRC 220 with 1/2" barbs $50 shipped Dlink DWL AG530 wireless card $50 shipped Vantec Nextar CX...
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    Want to Buy Full Cover 9800GTX water block.

    As per title, Im looking for a full cover water block for my BFG 9800GTX. Dont really care on the brand, I have a mcw30 already but want to try a full cover. Thanks, pm or post here.
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    Want to Sell Antec 900 and OCZ600w sli

    Antec 900 and OCZ600w sli Tuniq Tower 120 I am getting a new case for Christmas so up for sale is my Antec 900 and OCZ GameExtream 600w psu. I would prefer to sell them together, but will split if wanted. The case has been used for a year and is in mint(9/10) condition. The psu is new and back...
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    Haf 932 Setup Question

    I have this case on order for Christmas:biggrin:, and am wondering if a mcr320 rad will fit up top, and have the psu top mounted at the same time. This so I can mount a 220 rad on the bottom. Thanks
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    Want to Trade WTT 9800GTXOCX for 4850/70

    I want to trade my BFG 9800GTX OCX videocard for a 4850/70 plus cash if needed. This card is the same one Skymtl reviewed on here. Proven card that clocks and runs very well on my 22" monitor. The reason I want to trade is my board supports crossfire. Will consider selling for $155 shipped...
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    Want to Buy Looking for all WC gear. First loop.

    Im looking to build my first watercooling loop. Im low on funds, hence I cant afford retail. Would need a cpu block, pump, a 320 and 220 rad, and a mcw30 and 60 for the gpu. Rad box and res would help. Im looking for an older Fusion V1 prefered. Im going to bastardize my 900 into a water pig...
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    Dells twelve days of Deals

    Find a Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Server, Printer, Software, Service, Monitor or TV at Dell. I just picked up my Logitech Harmony One from a local retailer for 259+tax, now I see Dell has it cheaper, oh well. Some good deals for sure.
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    LF Sound card

    Im looking for a decent sound card for my computer, something like a XFI extreme gamer. Price range in the 50 to 60 dollar range shipped, or close. Thanks