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  1. Ravenor

    A hero has fallen - RIP John Fleming aka Soullessone21

    Very sorry to hear about this.
  2. Ravenor

    Original GameBoy still in working condition

    Well, i was cleaning out my closet and i found my zip up case with my original still in pretty good condition Original Gameboy. I was curious if it still works so i popped 4 AA batteries in and it turned right on and i was playing Tetris in no time. I have no idea that it would be worth. Ebay...
  3. Ravenor

    The Death of the HWC folding team.

    What Sagath said and that energy/hydro bills are going up. People do not want to leave their computers on all the time now.
  4. Ravenor

    Ryzen stock cooler noise & recommendations

    Thermaltake Contac Silent 12 CPU Cooler. $39.99 at Canada computers. 153mm height. Max 28.8 dB noise. Can cool up to 150 watts. 700 grams weight. I think that meets all of youR specifications. https://www.thermaltake.com/contac-silent-12.html...
  5. Ravenor

    Want to Sell Water cooling - Advanced LRT tubing 3/8-5/8, Titan X/980Ti water blocks, Monsta 360mm rad, 120mm rads

    Man, trying to resist this is hard. If i had the money, i would do it in a heart beat. And how is the 1700 not a good processor? It's a 8 core 65 watt CPU that is awesome at almost everything. Some people really are daft sometimes. GLWS :D
  6. Ravenor

    Hi Sipchen Just wanted to let you know that the 4790K bundle is now up for sale in the Buy/Sell...

    Hi Sipchen Just wanted to let you know that the 4790K bundle is now up for sale in the Buy/Sell forum.
  7. Ravenor

    Anyone hitting refresh to buy new Ryzen today? 3600 3600X 3700X 3800X 3900X?

    Absolutely, even just going with a 3600 would be a huge increase to your speed, cores and IPC.
  8. Ravenor

    Zen 2 Prices Spotted On Asian Disti Site

    It feels so strange to me to be excited for an AMD release, but I am. I am also waiting for the 3700X as it looks to be the best long term upgrade for gaming and productivity. i already have the hard drives, ram, case, PSU and fans waiting. I just need the Mobo and CPU. I can't wait.